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The Essential Guide for Concert First Timers

by Holly Buskirk

Summer will be approaching before we know it and, so will many upcoming concerts and music festivals. While attending a concert is a different experience for every party involved, the memories made will not be forgotten. As for the concert first timers, the experience could seem a little bit overwhelming and obnoxious, but there are ways to stay prepared and ready to enjoy every second of the concert you are attending.

I would consider myself a concert enthusiast, since I go to multiple concerts a year, but my first concert wasn’t so easy. I had attended Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa’s, “Boys of Zummer” tour with my best friend, Jules, in 2015. We were ecstatic to be there, but we were not expecting the long lines, the hot summer night, and how expensive everything was going to be. So for my first concert tip, make sure you save up and come prepared with cash. Many venues do take card now, but in 2015 they only took cash. Thankfully we had brought cash with us, but there were several unhappy customers with a card only. Merchandise is where everyone will flock to first, but in all honesty, I do too. Merch typically ranges from $35 to $125depending on what you buy.  Also, be prepared to wait in long lines for restrooms and concessions. As for concessions, expect to pay $6 for water. It’s better to know the prices of a typical concert before you attend with an empty wallet.

My next tip for concert first timers is make sure to carry a bag with you. As a warning, each venue has different bag laws and what is and is not permitted in the venue, so make sure to check before you go. I always make sure to bring a little purse or wallet to carry my hand sanitizer, little deodorant, Chapstick, hair ties and clips and my money. Carrying light is important because who wants to carry a heavy bag the whole concert?

Tip three is possibly the most important tip of all, make sure to dress comfortably and for the weather. Indoor concerts are always very muggy due to the amount of people in the small venue, so dressing cool would be preferred. I understand wanting to look nice for the concert, but planning out a comfortable outfit will make your concert experience much more enjoyable. As for an outdoor venue, how you dress all depends on the weather. If it is cold, dress warmly, and if it hot dress cooly, it’s as simple as that! finally, I recommend wearing comfortable closed toe shoes. You will be standing for the next couple of hours, so to keep your feet for feeling like falling off , comfy shoes is the way to go.

Tip four is also important because it deals with safety, but make sure to always attended your first concert with a buddy. Being in a foreign situation with a bunch of strangers can be scary and intimidating, but going anywhere by yourself is not the best idea. I make sure to always have a friend or two attending concerts with me. For one, it’s more enjoyable to experience a concert with people you enjoy. Secondly, traveling in pairs is less of a risk if something bad were to happen.

Last off, my fifth and final tip, is to fully emerge your mind, soul and body into the concert. Sometimes you can attend a concert and then be so in awe that the whole concert seemed like a blur after. My first concert is a complete haze in my mind, but I do have photos and videos to reminisce over. Concerts are not for everyone, but experience the loud music as it vibrates your heart,  is something you can not experience anywhere else. The lively atmosphere is energy uplifting. Everyone forgets about their worries for a night, as my sing and dance to the music and artists love, so positive vibes are bound to flood the room. Let yourself fully enjoy the concert because you might not get a chance like this ever again.

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