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Last-minute trip ideas under $100

by Holly Buskirk

Whether with your best friends or family, we all need a little exciting adventure. As a college student, weekends can be packed with classes, assignments and possibly part time jobs. So, finding time to fit in a trip can be kind of hectic. Also, most students are financially not able to plan long trips, but planning an affordable weekend trip can be as simple as a few phone calls. Here are five easy weekend trips within two hours of Parkersburg, that won’t drain your bank account.

The OtherWorld is an interactive art exhibit that recently opened in Columbus, Ohio (1hr 50 min). The location of this exhibit is in an abandoned strip mall, so you may feel as if you are in the wrong place when you arrive, but the OtherWorld is located right in the middle of it. The OtherWorld is 32,000 square feet with 40 different interactive art exhibits. The pricing rates range through age; $22.00 General Admission, $20.00 for Seniors 62+ and Military, and $18.00 for Children 3-12. The exhibit can take as long as you wish, since they are all day passes, but the general amount of time range is two hours to three hours. If you would wish to take a trip without children, they have events held every month that are 21+. These events have a full open bar and DJs playing electronic music. If you plan to carry on the fun, Columbus has many interesting restaurants and shops at the Short North Art District, a 15-minute drive from the Otherworld, that is worth it to check out! Overall, the OtherWorld is an intriguing family friendly art exhibit that most would enjoy.

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Has anyone ever dreamed of being the next Olympic Figure Skater? If someone said yes to that question, then I have a place for you. Memorial Ice Arena is located in Charleston, WV (1hr and 28 mins). They do their skates in increments of 2 hours and it is only $10 per person. The ice rink is fairly big and they often have disco lights and groovy music. The Memorial Ice Arena is located in a shopping district surrounded by many fun places to eat and a Target. Who does not love Target? There is not much more to say about an ice arena, but if people are looking to try something new, ice skating is an enjoyable experience, besides when you fall on the ice!

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Have you ever wanted to experience the beautiful safari animals, but you are not planning on going to Africa anytime soon? Well, the Wilds is the closest thing to an outdoor safari adventure! The Wilds is located in Cumberland, Ohio(1hr and 43mins). The Wilds is an outdoor, open aired, bus adventure through exciting safari animals that is a $30.00 fee for all ages. All of the animals get to roam safely and freely as the visitors receive the opportunity to experience the beautiful creatures greeting them at the open windows. How do they keep the predators from the prey? Well, halfway through the trip, the bus stops at a nice walking path with a cafe and big caged in areas for each predator species to roam to their delight! Also, if you are feeling more adventurous, the Wilds has a ziplining opportunities through the safari, but the prices do rise for that. They have three different Zip Lining options such as; Howl at the Moon Night tour pricing at $54.00 per person, Zipline Safari 2 ½ hour Tour pricing at $84 per person, and a shorter Zipline Safari Tour running for 1 ½ hours and pricing at $54 per person. The Wilds has many fun adventures waiting to be explored!

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Number four, and last on the list is, Cosi (Center of Science and Industry). Cosi is for all of the Science lovers out in the world and is located in Columbus, Ohio (1hr and 59mins). Cosi features more than 300 interactive exhibits scattered within their themed exhibition areas. The themed areas consist of Poseidon’s Ocean, Energy Explorers, Space, Progress, Gadgets, Life, Dinosaur Gallery, and other features. Cosi has exciting journeys for the Einstein in all of us. Cosi passes last all day and prices range from $20 for 2-12 and $25 for adults. While you are there you can face the fear of riding a unicycle two stories in the air or enjoy lifting a car up by yourself through a pulley system. Cosi can also work up an appetite, while Cosi does have their own cafeteria, I would recommend checking out the Spaghetti Warehouse. The Spaghetti Warehouse is a famous Italian restaurant in Columbus and is visibly close to Cosi that will set up for a unique eating experience. In the end, Cosi is worth the check out and is very kid friendly, so feel free to bring the whole family!

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Above is listed four different and affordable trips that should peak anyone’s interests. Hopefully these places have given you an idea of your next exploration in life! It’s always the little things in life we will remember the most, so let’s make these memories while we can!


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