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Challenging a Better You

By Savannah Wade

What steps are you willing to take to change your life? Temple Challenge is a six-month fitness program that challenges you to set goals and see how many of them you can accomplish. There is a weigh-in, measurement and progress check every three weeks to see if each individual’s fitness goals are met. The first session is free and you can start at any time.

Stacy Houser founded Temple Challenge in 2014, and it has been very successful thus far. Several ‘Transformation Tuesday’ pictures have been posted along the website from extremely pleased participants of Temple Challenge. There are currently nine locations and 12 trainers. Different scheduled times are allotted throughout the week where participants can come as many times as they desire.

Temple Challenge is also endorsed by doctors.

“Stacy is helping people become goal oriented, achieving not only fitness goals but personal and life goals! And, it’s bringing families together and creating healthier relationships! My vision for Stacy is to be West Virginia’s fitness guru and take Temple Challenge nationally,” D.C. Dr. Anna Hughes said.

“Temple Challenge has given me the opportunity to train in a supportive, fun environment. The cardio and strength benefits are tremendous. I believe participating regularly in Temple can improve a person’s health and help them prevent or better control illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. No other fitness program offers the variety of activities and exercises like Temple Challenge and the atmosphere is very supportive and keeps you wanting to come back week after week,” Dr. Kim Stooke said.

The Temple Challenge community does a new challenge every month. November is the ‘Planksgiving Challenge’ where you build strength by adding 15 seconds each day while in the plank position.

Temple Challenge appears to be a fun and encouraging way for someone looking to obtain a better lifestyle.

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