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From the Mind of a Progressive: the Career Fair is a Success

by Gary Thompson

I attended the MOV Career Fair, and I am very happy to say that, in my opinion, it was a rousing success.

There were about 100 local, regional and national organizations represented. The group included every employer from the aerospace industry to basement waterproofing, from corrections facilities to information technology. And the best part was that every one of them was interested in hiring staff from our area.  

Also included were local heavy-hitters like Hino. Hino recently announced that they were going to going to expand their truck manufacturing facilities into the old Coldwater Creek production center in Mineral Wells.

The event was hosted by WVU Parkersburg in collaboration with U.S. Senator Joe Manchin. And, I know for certain that WVU Parkersburg Career Services Director Jennifer Randolph was instrumental in making this event such an enormous success.

If you do not know Jennifer, you should stop by the Career Center and introduce yourself. She can help you get set up with many tools to help you determine an appropriate college major, sound career selection and help with job placement.

This is the 23rd Career Fair Senator Manchin has been involved with over the past two years. When I spoke with him at the event, he told me that he decided to develop a statewide career fair program after hearing people say too many times, “I can’t find a job. I search and search but there just doesn’t seem to be anything out there.”

In the meantime, he hears employers say they can’t find good, qualified employees.  I have to believe that at the career fair, many employers met many qualified potential employees, and many job seekers met many potential employers.  It was a good day.

Congratulations go enthusiastically to President Lamkin, Vice President Olsen, Jennifer Randolph, all at WVU Parkersburg, Senator Manchin, his staff and all the employers and individuals who attended.

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