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It’s Not Just Cuts and Bruises

by Brooke Buchanan

“That’s Abuse Too” by Jereme Ford was a good presentation. Although it did not specifically talk about relationship abuse, Jereme’s interactive presentation talked about all forms of abuse. Jereme was a fun speaker to listen to; unlike most presenters, he interacted with the crowd rather than just standing behind a podium talking in a monotone voice. He walked up and down the auditorium, through the aisles, and talked to the group as if he was genuinely concerned about us, rather than just being here for the money.

Many people think that only physical abuse is harmful, but this is not true. Emotional and mental abuse are just as hurtful. Although these forms of abuse do not leave cuts and bruises like physical abuse does, they hurt someone’s mental state. Jereme gave a personal example of when he was in the service and told his Sergeant, as well as his parents, that he was going to get a degree. When he told this to everyone, they all laughed at him. When he walked onto the campus of a local community college for the first day of class, he felt beat down; he let everyone’s negative words get to him. I did not realize how hurtful mental abuse could be, but this example Jereme gave was a real eye opener.

Jereme also gave an example of how someone can be completely blind under someone’s power and control. Jereme was in a horrible relationship, where his girlfriend refused to let him be happy, yet he stayed with her. The couple was pregnant, and despite Jereme’s begging and pleading, the mother of the child aborted the baby. Despite this, Jereme stayed with her. Even after Jereme brother died, and his girlfriend refused to attend the funeral, Jereme stayed. This example went on and on until Jereme finally decided to leave her. Jereme was stuck under her power and control, and this example truly showed how someone can be blind by someone’s “love.”

Overall, Jereme’s presentation taught the audience about all forms of abuse and was a good presentation to attend. Through his personal stories, the audience learned more about abuse and how to avoid it.

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