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Community Education and Short-Term Programs

by Chelsea Ayers

If you have ever wanted to develop life skills, grow your own business, learn technical skills or even enhance your favorite hobbies, WVU Workforce Economic Division is the perfect place to go. WVU Parkersburg has something for everyone thanks to the Community Education Classes and Short-Term programs that are offered. With over 70 classes, and starting at just $15, there is sure to be a class for you.

The community education classes consist of many different topics. Some of the most popular classes are garage welding, sign language, Microsoft Office, hip-hop dance, arts and crafts and digital photography. As you can see, the classes can be for a fun day or evening or enhancing yourself and your future. You can take finance classes to learn more about budgeting and how to find the right loan, or even learn the basics of couponing.

With the high demand for certain occupations, there are also eight short-term programs to help you get to the next level. One of the most popular is phlebotomy. The others are dental assistant certification, direct care worker, medical office specialist, intravenous therapy, aluminum welding, ultimate administrative assistant and certified bookkeeper.

WVU Parkersburg also has a kids college. For four weeks, children of ages 8-12 will have the opportunity to learn science topics, take part in arts and crafts or even work with Lego Robotics. Flyers for the kids college are distributed to local elementary schools for parents and children. The program is offered June 12-15, 19-22, 26-29, July 10-13.

So whether you are wanting to start your own business, learn zumba, be more aware of cyber security or even learn some history, WVU Parkersburg is the perfect place for you to start a new journey. You must enroll at least one week prior to the class to reserve your spot. For a full list of available classes please visit:

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