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Longest Running SGA President

by Kayla Lynch

In May 2014, William “Bill” Bell was elected as a Student Government Association Senator. Just five short months later, the SGA President stepped away for personal and business commitments. So the Vice President stepped up and decided that Bill would be his Vice President. Incidentally, he was graduating just five weeks later. So in December 2014, Bill Bell became the SGA President.

Since then, President Bell has been re-elected twice, unopposed.

“I am humbled to know that SGA and the Students of WVU Parkersburg have trusted me with this important responsibility for this long,” Bell said.

In September 2016, Bill was also elected Chair of the State Advisory Council of Students. This has given him the opportunity to lead and represent not only the students of WVU Parkersburg, but also the students of West Virginia as a whole. He addresses the Legislature, the CTCS and the HEPC on student concerns.

During his time as SGA President, he has worked with the members involved in SGA to make the group more inclusive. There is a very diverse body of students in many facets.

“I am proud to see that many groups of students on campus are represented fairly,” President Bell said.

President Bell and the SGA members have worked hard to get the students more involved in college activities. This year will be the second year that SGA has sponsored the campus Relay for Life. The SGA held a legislative candidate forum during the election season in order to get the community involved.

In his spare time, Bill Bell enjoys watching NASCAR as a fan of the driver Joey Logano. He also works two jobs. His jobs include a retail merchandiser for Acosta, and the other as the Rental Supervisor at the Boys and Girls Club of Parkersburg.

In the Fall of 2017, Bill will start student teaching. Therefore, he will not be running for re-election.

“I thank the students of WVU Parkersburg for their confidence in me, and being SGA President is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you,” Bill said.

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