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Student Activities Organizes DIY Planner Day

by Madison Sayre

If you find yourself struggling to manage deadlines for assignments or events, keeping a planner might be a good idea.

Students had the opportunity to create personalized planners and learn how to stay organized in the student lounge on Jan. 22, thanks to Student Activities.

They could pick from three different page options to make their planners, or take a pre-made planner. Students could also take bags of highlighters that were on the tables.

Student Heather Weaver not only grabbed the regular calendar pages, but also pages for budgets, meal plans and family plans. “I think it helps you stay organized,” Weaver said. “If it doesn’t help you stay organized, it helps you stay on track with your daily schedules.”


Weaver said that she has a lot of scheduling to do on the daily, so she’ll continue to make use of her DIY planner. “Without organization, you’re gonna be a mess: I learned that in my first year of being a student,” Weaver said.

Student Megan Noveron-Hernandez said that being organized as a student “makes a difference.”

“The more organized you are, the more prepared you are and the better you end up being,” Noveron-Hernandez said.


Noveron-Hernandez said she was glad that she participated in the DIY Planner Day because “it’s giving me more ideas so that I can better prepare myself.”

Student Activities Coordinator Samantha Suggs said that she wanted to have an event like this as “a fresh start for a new semester.” “It’s good to be organized—it can be very discouraging to start off a semester and not have a gameplan,” Suggs said. “I think a student’s well-being can be better if they’re more well-prepared and have everything planned out.”

Suggs said that being organized is important. “It can really apply to anything in your life: your job, your school, your personal life and when you have a family one day, trying to keep up with all of those activities,” Suggs said. “Being organized helps you get things done on time and make sure you’re not turning in assignments late; plus, it just helps make life a little bit more manageable.”


Suggs said she planned this event as a precursor to a series of events called “Let’s Talk About That.” These events will be discussion-based, led by different people from different departments. “They will discuss things like how to write a check, how to be organized, how to make a resume or sleep habits,” Suggs said.

Suggs hopes for these events to be either once a month or every other month. The February “Let’s Talk About That” event is in the works of being scheduled.

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