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WVU Parkersburg to Host Career Fair

by Kaitlyn Thompson

On Friday, Sept. 28, WVU Parkersburg will welcome eager students and community members to campus for the opportunity to mingle with potential employers. The Mid-Ohio Valley (MOV) Career Fair 2018 will be open to people searching for an occupation to fit their talents.

WVU Parkersburg will host and sponsor the event along with several other partners: Senator Manchin’s office, the Chamber of Commerce of the MOV, Results Radio, WorkforceWV and the Workforce Development Board.

Jennifer Randolph, Director of Career Services, and Sandy Swisher, the Coordinator of Career Services and Co-op., have taken the lead in organizing the event.

“Career fairs are a great way to meet the area employers to talk about career interests and paths,” Randolph said. “It is also a place to become employed because recruiters will be here trying to find the talent they need for their companies or organizations.”

With the career fair being such a large occasion for the college, there are several volunteers and offices contributing their time to make this event happen for the benefit of students and community members.

To date, there are nearly 100 employers registered to attend. Architectural Interior Products, iTech, Roane County Board of Education and Touchstone Testing Lab are only four of the several businesses registered to be present.

For some, a career fair may seem to be just another local event, but it comes with several benefits that can affect a professional career for years to come. By attending the fair, attendees can obtain new skills, knowledge and experience in networking.

“…networking! Many may not understand how important that is. As a professional, we need to talk to people,” Randolph said. “That’s how most gain employment. Employers do not want to waste time and resources on a hire that isn’t going to work out, so they are more apt to hire if they or someone they trust as a reference, knows something about the candidate. So, students need to get out there and talk to employers and then find opportunities to continue building relationships.”

From 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on WVU Parkersburg’s main campus, job seekers can take advantage of the career fair and the benefits that are attached.

“We will have the Communications and Media Studies students taking Professional Portraits as well,” Randolph said.

The career fair is open to the community and students searching for the perfect job to meet their wants and needs in a potential vocation. Attendees are free to come without prior registration.

For interested job seekers, it is recommended that you do your research! Being ready and prepared for the fair can help you look your best and leave a lasting impression on possible employers. A few tips and tricks to stand out at the fair are: dress as if you’re going to a job interview, prepare a personal introduction, make eye contact, shake their hand firmly and bring several copies of your resume.

Until the fair, you can follow the Facebook event “MOV Career Fair 2018 Hosted by US Senator Joe Manchin & WVU-P” for details regarding the upcoming occasion. If students need assistance with fair preparation or more information regarding the fair, students can stop by room 1407 or email WVU Parkersburg Career Services at

“I hope this event runs smoothly and is well attended. Job seekers need jobs and employers need employees,” Randolph said. “I just hope that this event will help make some great matches and bring the right people together.”

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