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Checklist for Spring 2017 Graduation Deadline

by Chelsea Ayers

The day has finally come when you need to tell yourself to stop procrastinating. That’s right, graduation deadlines are just around the corner. In order to graduate through WVU Parkersburg you must fill out the application that can be found online through OLSIS by Feb. 24th. If the degree and/or major listed is incorrect, contact the records office before completing the application.

Applying for application:

  1. Login to OLSIS
  2. Select “Student Records”
  3. Click “Apply for Diploma Graduation” – Costs $25
  4. Select Curriculum
  5. Select Graduation date
  6. Answer Ceremony attendance questions
  7. Confirm your name
  8. Confirm graduation date, ceremony questions, and current program
  9. Submit request

It is very important for students to complete the application before February 24th. If the application is late, students will need to meet with their advisory to get their approval. After receiving a written signature from the advisor, students will then need to meet with the Vice President of Student Services or the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs for their approval. Late applicants will receive their diplomas in May, August or December, but they will not be eligible to participate in May or December commencements, and their names may not appear in printed programs.

Once graduation is over, there may be a point when you ask yourself “What now?” Luckily, WVU Parkersburg has the tools to help. The career services and cooperative education, located in room 1013B, helps develop or update your resume, references, cover letters and other correspondence. They can also help you with interview skills.

If you need help finding job postings you can visit to view online job postings posted exclusively to WVU Parkersburg. You can also search the national job board, build a resume and career portfolio with innovative and user friendly programs. WVU Parkersburg wants to help you succeed in life after college, so stop waiting and get started on your next step in life, you won’t regret it.

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