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New Scholarship for Nursing Students

by Chelsea Ayers

Everyone knows that college can get expensive; from the basic tuition, all the way down to books and supplies. Thankfully, WVU Parkersburg has a foundation that allows local businesses and people of the community to donate to a wide range of services, which include; student scholarships, student activities, academic programs and many more. With the help of the WVU Parkersburg Foundation, there is hope for those that need a little extra help paying for their education.

The Foundation is a great way for supporters and alumni to give back to the school and help build a better, brighter future for students. Founded in 1971, the Foundation has been helping students pay their way through college each year. Over the many years of donations and support from the community, the Foundation is now able to give out nearly $220,000 in scholarships a year. Roughly 120 students receive a scholarship each semester, but that number could be growing this year.

The newest addition to the Foundation is the Beulah Tefft Webb Memorial Nursing Scholarship. This scholarship, which became available this month, was added to the Foundation by Beulah’s granddaughter Kim Webb and her husband Richard Dodd. Beulah was a long time Parkersburg resident. She was a mother, grandmother, volunteer and nurse.

To be able to receive this scholarship, students must be pursuing an associate’s degree in WVU Parkersburg’s nursing program. With a program that is full of new information to learn each semester, the cost per year can grow rapidly. The average tuition rate is anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 a semester, not including the books, uniforms and additional fees that apply. With the Foundation only having ten scholarships available solely for nursing students, this scholarship will be very beneficial to those students in need, with the awards being made up to $5,500 a year.

“This new scholarship adds to the long list of resources the foundation offers our students,” WVU Parkersburg president Dr. Fletcher Lamkin said. “Not only will this offer financial assistance to our nursing students in need, but it also honors a wonderful person from our community.”

To apply visit , OLSIS, or fill out a paper application in the Center for Student Services or the Foundation’s office.

The deadline for Fall 2017 is March 30.

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