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What is in My Car

by Leah Carpenter

Toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant are items commonly found in a bathroom, but in my world I keep one of each and more in my car.

I live in my car, maybe not literally, but I spend more time in it than I do in my bedroom. To me it makes sense to have ponytail holders or an extra stick of eye liner. Having everything right at my fingertips makes mishaps easier to handle.

In my console I keep items I use every day. There is a stash of napkins for emergency, plastic utensils and straws in easy reach. My mom has always said to have them with me.

The napkins actually came in handy during freshman orientation three years ago. I stopped at a gas station waiting on my friends, Rachel and Levi. As they are getting into Rachel’s car, Levi gets a bad nose bleed. Rachel searched her car for a napkin, but could not find one. Since that day I keep at least three dozen in my car at all times.

I also keep a bag in my console which holds mascara, eyeliner, tweezers, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

My parents are divorced, so I spend time at both of their houses. I always need a toothbrush when I stay at my mom’s house. It’s easier to keep one in my car than carry my one and only back and forth.

Sleep is a necessary to me, and I’ll sleep as long as I can. When I travel places I tend to give myself enough time to do my hair and leave. A few times I have put on makeup in the parking lot of work or school. No one knows when they will need to fix a bad eyebrow or when they wake up so late you cannot brush their teeth.

One bag that everyone I know teases me about is what I call my emergency bag.

I keep everything inside of it. You can find a first aid kit, band aids, lotion, perfume, deodorant and hair ties. I’ll admit some of the items I use at home as well.

My mother has five children, so having extras of everything was a piece of knowledge she passed down to me.

No one likes to admit it, but we all have had a time when a clean set of undergarments would save us from a life full of embarrassment. I keep at least three pairs in my car for when I am not home or, heaven forbid, an accident happens.

Winter is a time when wrecks happen and cars do not start in negative temperatures.

When I first began driving, my stepdad wanted to make sure I had the items to survive a night in my car during the winter if I ever became stranded.

A thick blanket and a pair of walking shoes are always in my trunk, for emergencies. I thankfully have not used them for their intended purpose, but am comforted on late night drives to have them.

My stepdad also bought me a full set of tools to keep in my trunk, in case my car would break down. Do I know how to use half of them? Not at all, but I do know how to use a hammer and a screwdriver until someone comes along who can do the rest.

For emergencies I keep water and gloves in my car as well. In my trunk you could find anything from a pair of socks to a Holy Bible, just in case.

Being overly prepared may be too worrisome, but it is comforting to know that everything I need is at the reach of my driver’s seat.

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