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Tokyo Restaurant

Restaurants are booming across the city of Vienna, but a favorite of mine seems to have stolen the hearts of sushi lovers everywhere.

Tokyo on Grand Central Avenue in Vienna, WV opened just a year ago as a sushi and hibachi grill in the K-Mart Plaza. The restaurant serves many different platters, including the best Hibachi Steak and Rice I have ever tasted.

Good quality sushi never seems to be cheap, but at Tokyo, a single roll is as low as five dollars. They have decadent rolls such as Spicy Tuna, Philadelphia Roll and the California Roll.

They also have lunch special deals for both sushi and regular meals, such as the two-for-eight (two sushi rolls for eight dollars) and the three-for-eleven (three rolls for eleven dollars). At other Japanese restaurants, such meals would cost up and above five to eleven dollars, without a lunch deal.

Do you ever get a hankering for a certain cuisine that you feel you need to eat every second of your life? For me, that is Tokyo.

I have eaten the low-cost, delicious two-for-eight Spicy Tuna sushi rolls and Hibachi Steak and Rice at least once a week since I first discovered Tokyo. I have had weeks where all I eat for lunch is Tokyo. If that is not a testament to how high quality I find this retaurant, I do not know what is.

Do you want a quiet, casual spot for lunch with great staff and even better food? Then Tokyo is for you. The atmosphere is relaxing. They play background music of all varieties. I have heard rock, pop and many other genres in the hundreds of times I have been there.

Unlike other hibachi restaurants, there are no screaming, grilling performers or sky-high prices that yank the even the spare change out of your pockets. The average cost for two sushi rolls and a Hibachi Steak and Rice meal is about $17 while at other restaurants, you would pay $20 for a single roll of sushi.

by Kyleigh Hawes

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