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National Institutes for Historically Underserved Students

By Thomas Hearn

West Virginia University at Parkersburg is known for being a reliable, accredited and affordable college. These values match those of the National Institutes for Historically Underserved Students, which is a series of institutes founded by WVUP’s very own president, Chris Gilmer.

NIHUS Mission Statement

The institute is aimed to research and identify common barriers of educational equity and success for all historically underserved students. The institute also plans to develop research-based solutions to those barriers, and to recruit, retain, and graduate more students who are being overlooked or failed by American higher education. The NIHUS plans to serve:

First-generation college students, racial and ethnic minority groups such as Hispanic-Latino Americans, African Americans, and Native Americans, historically disenfranchised gender minorities such as women and transgendered, young men of color, young women of color, socially-economically disadvantaged, undocumented students, adult learners, academically underprepared and veterans.

The institute’s website explains that this list in not limited to only those sample populations and plans on aiding every underserved student regardless of background.

Education, the Great Equalizer

The National Institutes for Historically Underserved Students believes that “Education is the great equalizer, not just for individuals, but for families, communities, and nations.”

With time there will be a bridge built to unite the students of the world who are not given a fair chance, and it starts with the NIHUS.

We Are Not Guaranteed Tomorrow

Many of us here at West Virginia University at Parkersburg have come from a background where our journey did not come easy, and the more we can spread positivity and light amongst each other, the more opportunity there will be for us in the future. Smile, and empower those around you, because that is the only way to empower yourself. The NIHUS has a mission, and it starts with the people like you and me. Empower those around you, get an education and that with time will result in a better world for everybody.

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