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Fall 2022 Scheduling Has Begun

By Jaya Bell

Scheduling for the Fall semester has started. If students haven’t yet selected classes for the upcoming semester, they need to contact their advisor to set up a meeting. It’s recommended to schedule as soon as possible since priority registration started on April 4. Seeing an advisor will release a PIN number so students can register for classes through OLSIS. 

If students have already met with their advisor, the next step is to see when they can register for their classes on OLSIS. To do this, head to “Student Records,” click on “Registration,” and then there, click on “Registration Status.” A drop-down list will appear for students to select the semester they are registering for. Click on the option that says “Fall 2022.” Once there, a date will appear on the screen displaying the information students need to know about priority registration.

If students have any questions about scheduling or registration, they should contact their advisor.    

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