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Career Services Resources for YOU

By Abrielle Schmitt

As we work towards our futures as busy college students, looking beyond the classroom and our professors for additional recourses is an option available to us as students here at West Virginia University at Parkersburg. The office of Career Services can be found at room 1003 but you can also find endless sources on the Career Services page on the WVUP website. 

The emphasis on explore, prepare, and earn are things that this office provides to the students here throughout their time at this university. Career Services do not just help those students at the end of their college journey, they also help the new student just beginning to decide what path they would like to go down with school that will eventually lead them to their degree and hopefully the career they dreamed about.  

Exploring your options before you dive into a particular major is something you can preview with online resources. Discovering what majors there are, which are available, and what careers can be given are accomplished through the Career Coach page. Undecided students that are particularly confused on what their future holds can take advantage of the Career Assessment that can help you decide on a focus based off your interests. A resume builder is also available to help you create a professional resume that will set you apart from others when you take the leap into the job search pool. Exploring what opportunities are available once you have completed your degree can be found on the Career Services page as well using the Open Job Positions tab or using the CareerOneStop website link. 

Preparing for future careers and the competitive nature of the job market can be managed through other resources. If you want to stop into the Career Services office and get some one-on-one advice and assistance with Nancy Harris and her staff, they have many options to help ease your stress. On top of that, the College Central Network is another resource available to help with this.

Earning a place in your future is what WVUP hopes students will do. Continuing to offer alumni the guidance to assist them in finding the employment they are seeking even after graduation. Offering exclusive career opportunities through the WVUP online jobs board is just one of the resources available here. 

Check out the Career Services link and office to see what resources are available to you to help you on your path towards your future. 

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