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MAC Club Returns

By Hunter Schrader

Many college students do not like to join or be a part of clubs or any student organizations. This would be a fantastic way for people to meet new friends and change students being on campus. These are the reasons that colleges have clubs is because of student interactions and how to bring more people together and have fun events for students and faculty. Organizations or club look good on a work resume as well. 

WVUP offers clubs and many other after school programs that students should investigate. The returning club on campus is the Media and Communications Club (MAC). MAC Club is open to all students, and new students are welcome to join at any point in the semester. They will be hosting a game night sometime in the month of April right before finals. The event will include games, raffles, food, and prizes. It is a wonderful way for students to relax and come have a good night and meet new people. 

MAC Club meets every other Wednesday at 12:15pm. The room we meet in is the Mac lab on the 2nd floor. The MAC Club is open to all students. For more information contact Logan Mace. 

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