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WVUP Intramural Basketball

By Thomas Hearn

The time is finally here. Now that Covid-19 cases nationally and locally are lowering,  West Virginia University at Parkersburg is starting their official Spring 2022 Intramural Basketball League. The season will run from March 22nd through April 21st, and there are three different ways you can register to play. An individual registration, where the individual registering will be picked up or assigned a team by the Student Activities Coordinator, Samantha Suggs. A team registration, where a mixed team of seven students or teachers will be entered into the league. A floater registration, which is an individual who registers to play after the season officially starts. (Floaters may be assigned a permanent team to play with or will float from team to team as needed.)

According to information found on the WVUP website, “Games will be scheduled for Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s. Game times will be determined by player availability. (In the past they have typically been scheduled in the evening, between the hours of 4 – 8 PM.)”

The intramural basketball registration packet can be filled out via the WVUP Student Engagement website or by filling out the registration packets distributed outside the campus gymnasium. Once completed, you can turn the registration into Student Activities Coordinator, Samantha Suggs via email or at her office in Room 1535 (located between the weight room and aerobic room by the gymnasium).

Do not miss this opportunity, with the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, and knowing the Intramural Basketball League has been cancelled for two semesters now, take the chance while you have it. For final year students, this will be the last chance ever to play, and for first year students, it’s best to take an opportunity while it’s here, the world doesn’t know what the Fall semester holds.

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