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Making Sure You’re Staying Up to Date This Semester

By Sydney Maston 

Once again, we find ourselves in a pool of uncertainty as we are still trying to navigate the transition back into in-person classes at West Virginia University at Parkersburg. This can bring along  a lot of stress and students may find that they are struggling to keep up with things such as announcements and assignments, fearing falling behind. Rest assured, WVU Parkersburg offers many resources to make sure that students are staying on track. 

One of the most important assets to make use of  is campus email. This is a convenient tool for communication between students and their professors. With the all-too-familiar pandemic still going strong, checking your email daily, maybe even multiple times a day, can be beneficial for students as they may receive alerts of possible COVID-19 exposures alongside important information regarding the cancellation or changing of delivery methods of classes. Also, exclusive only to those employed at or attending WVU Parkersburg is the campus newsletter, The Blue & Gold Post. The Blue & Gold Post provides the latest news and events on campus and surrounding areas such as when to register for classes for upcoming semesters, graduation deadlines, club meetings, and opportunities for jobs and leadership.  

By now, most students should be familiar with Blackboard. It is probably the most utilized site on campus and is the way most assignments are given out to students and sent back to be graded. Blackboard offers a website as well as an app for even more accessibility. Likely, most assignments for the semester are already posted and put on the due date list or calendar, so checking those frequently could keep you from getting behind. Not only does Blackboard give you ways to stay on pace with assignments, but under each course is an announcements tab that lists any information regarding class cancellations or important information from instructors.

The college especially makes use of its’ Emergency Alert System during the spring semester ― an important feature in the event of wintery weather ― to notify students by sending out “Rave Alerts.” This is provided to all students, faculty, and staff and is designed to inform of the impact the emergency may have on the opening and closing of campus as well as class schedules. You can sign up by accessing the WVU Parkersburg homepage or at, by logging in with the same credentials used to sign into your campus email or the computers in the campus computer labs. Once logged in, you can input a 10-digit phone number to receive messages. There is also an option for students to receive voice messages.

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