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Clubs and Organizations at WVUP

By Thomas Hearn

At West Virginia University at Parkersburg, there are over 14 clubs and organizations ran on campus that can make your 2022 semester feel more personalized and complete. Everything from Art Club, a creative getaway to have with your friends/peers, to Computer club where your favorite hobby just got brought to your school environment. There is guaranteed to be a club or organization that fits you just right at West Virginia University at Parkersburg.

Not only are there instilled clubs and organizations that you as a student can join, but there is also an option to pitch and create a club yourself. Now, any club in your interest can be brought to life just by pitching your idea to Student Club and Organization Director, Samantha Suggs you have a chance to be the president of your own organization.

The 14 clubs and organizations listed on the West Virginia University at Parkersburg website are as follows; Art Club, which is a club where you can let your imagination run wild with advisor Lauri Reidmiller. The Criminal Justice Organization is a club where you can learn, improve and conversate about Criminal Justice with advisor Andrew Walker. The Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business, this is an honor given to the business students with the best grades at WVUP, and the society is advised by Billy Stone. EcoHawks club, an environment friendly club whose mission is to make WVUP as ‘green’ as possible, advised by Valerie Keinath. Kappa Delta Pi, an honorary society whose members consist of the top educational students, advised by Stephanie Stopiak. LGBTQ UNITED, a club for students that want to relate and unite with the LGBTQ community, advised by Kurt Klettner. Media and Communications Club, a club for anybody interested in day-to-day communication and interested in the media, advised by Logan Mace. Mid-Ohio-Valley Computer Club, a club where you relate with peers on your love for computers and technology, advised by both Charles Almond & Doug Rhodes. Phi Theta Kappa, an honorary society for students looking to live Greek life, advised by Marie Butler & Andrew Walker. Rotaract Club, a club where students can develop leadership skills, professional skills, and have fun through service, is advised by Alicia Beeson. Student Government Association, the student government of WVUP, advised by Samantha Suggs. Student Surgical Technology Association, a more futuristic club where Surgical Tech students can learn and conversate about new surgical technology, advised by Amy West. Student Nurses Association, a club for nursing students looking to advance their understanding on the subject, advised by Rebecca Duckworth, and lastly Veterans Corps which is advised by Darren Shearlock.

Some clubs and organizations are not listed on the WVUP website, so always be sure to keep an eye on the monitors around campus for information on clubs and organizations that are to be announced in the future. It could be your name up on the monitor, but that’s up to you, the student to create and pitch your own club, go have some fun!

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