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WVUP Goes back to In-Person Classes Starting Nov. 1st

By Joseph Whipkey October 28, 2021

Parkersburg, W.Va.- Starting November 1st, WVU Parkersburg will have in-person class options. This will bring many students joy as online learning tends to hurt students since they don’t get the full learning experience. To maintain as much social distance as possible faculty may stagger face-to-face attendance in large classes, supported by virtual instruction. Also, the week-to-week conditional mask requirement will become a permanent, until further notice, protocol is non-negotiable until the pandemic might abate much more significantly.

There will also be randomized COVID-19 testing that will be required with the return to campus. Both unvaccinated and vaccinated people will be subject to this requirement, because many fully vaccinated people are still getting sick and are capable of being carriers. Fully vaccinated and/or non-symptomatic people who are exposed to the virus no longer will be required by WVUP to quarantine from campus at this time. Anyone who is notified of exposure by WVUP may be required to show proof of vaccination to J.B. Skidmore, our COVID-19 coordinator, to be excused from the option not to quarantine. Based on evolving evidence, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends fully vaccinated people get tested five to seven days after close contact with a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.

Students may also continue to attend remotely as all instruction will be provided in a hybrid format. Students will receive communications from their instructors from Oct. 25 – Nov. 1 with full information on how to attend class.

For President Gilmer’s full COVID-19 protocols, please visit

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