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Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas

By Jenna Barnhart October 22, 2021

With Halloween quickly approaching, you might be looking for costume inspiration. Here are some pop culture costume ideas for solos, couples, and groups.


  1. Squid Game character: The Netflix Original “Squid Game” has taken the world by storm, so it’s a costume to surely be recognized. Dress up as either a player in the game or a guard. Even dress up as the creepy doll statue in the first game.
  2. Little Lad: If you’re someone who has a TikTok account, you’re likely to have heard of Little Lad A.K.A. berries and cream guy. Originally appearing in a Skittles commercial, the audio and dance became a trend on TikTok.
  3. Kim K at the Met Gala: This year’s Met Gala had many memorable outfits, whether that is a good thing or not. Kim Kardashian dawned an outfit no one will soon forget, so recreate this look and I’m sure it will have the same affect.
  4. Cruella De Vil: The movie Cruella was a hit this year in the theaters, and it will be a hit as a costume too. Get a black and white wig and recreate any of her iconic looks throughout the movie.
  5. Venom: Either buy or make your own costume and go as cinemas favorite symbiote, or as the character he takes over, Eddie Brock.
  6. Evan Hanson: With the release of the Dear Evan Hanson movie, go as main character Evan. This is sure to be a great last minute costume!
  7. Olivia Rodrigo: Teenager Olivia Rodrigo has become quite the popstar. Dress up as her album cover “Sour” or as her from the “Good 4 U” music video.
  8. Guy from Free Guy: Another easy last minute costume inspired by a movie released this year!
  9. Candyman: Looking for a more spooky costume? Go as Candyman!
  10. Steve from Blue’s Clues: With Steve from Blue’s Clues releasing a video checking in on the fans from the original show, Steve is fresh in everyone’s minds which means he would make a great costume for this year!

Couples / Groups:

  1. Suicide Squad: Go as either two of the characters from the movie or make it. Group effort and do them all!
  2. Harry Styles and Lizzo: Harry and Lizzo just about broke the internet with this picture at the Grammys this year. Recreate the look and be just as iconic!
  3. Wanda and Vision: Wandavision has been a hit this year, dress up as Wanda and Vision to be the power couple of the costume party!
  4. Natasha and Yelena: A fierce duo for two fierce friends.
  5. Frank and Lily: Looking for a unique couples costume this year for you and your equally adventurous partner? Go as Frank and Lily from Jungle Cruise!
  6. Sanderson Sisters: Looking for a costume for a trio?  None more iconic than the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus.  
  7. Addams Family: Grab the whole family or a big group of friends and go as the Addams Family in their new movie!
  8. Minnie and Mickey Mouse: With Disney’s 50th anniversary being this year, going as their iconic Minnie and Mickey would be perfect!
  9. Bugs and Lola Bunny: With the reboot of Space Jam, the redesigned Bugs and Lola would make a great couples costume.
  10. Bridgerton Characters: Dress up as the main characters from the hit show.

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