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“Oh Honey!” Trixie Mattel is now All Grown Up and On Tour

By Gregory Sams

Trixie Mattel is a notorious drag queen and debatably one of the most successful on the drag scene. Hailing from season seven of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Mattel left the show in sixth place leaving fans wanting more. Her undeniable charisma instantly shot her into drag stardom for those who were fans of the show. Soon after touring, started, her fan base only grew with each tour she became a part of.

Three years later after immense growth to the drag persona that is Trixie Mattel, she was invited back to compete in the ultimate competition for previously eliminated queens of the show. “RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars” was renewed for its third season, featuring ten queens with Mattel being one of them. By this time, she had already built up quite the resume for herself. Her YouTube segment “UNHHH” turned into a TV show on VICE and is going number one on the iTunes folk charts with her first album “Two Birds.” Mattel was able to further her success by victoriously coming out of the season. For her, this meant a cash prize of $100,000 and having her name forever in the Drag Hall of Fame alongside previous winners Chad Michaels and Alaska. Furthermore, the queen set out and created her own cosmetics line: Trixie Cosmetics.

Brian Firkus, the man behind Trixie Mattel, takes inspiration for her current tour “Trixie Mattel Grown Up,” from his experience of turning 30.  The Milwaukee Queen never fails to make a joke out of anything she does. This time pointing fun at how turning 30 is the ultimate demise to himself and feels as if it’s the gay 80.

The show was held at Express LIVE! In Columbus, OH on Feb. 15 and featured Mattel doing what she loves the most, stand-up comedy and singing songs from her latest album titled “Barbara.” The sold out show had fans packed and yet, they couldn’t have been happier. Atmospheric and alive fans couldn’t wait to see one of their most beloved queens return to the stage in Columbus.

From the moment Mattel walked out, she was greeted with adoration. From her first joke to final song performance, it was clear that so much work and effort had been put into the show. The outlandish jokes that is a staple in who Trixie Mattel is and the meaningful, fun lyrics behind the songs all went together so well and made for a great show. She’s been doing this for years, even before she was featured on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” so it’s no surprise the veteran queen was able to put on such a fun show.

When it comes to wardrobe, Mattel hit it right on the head with so many different staple Trixie looks, outfit reveals and a mug that she describes as “painted for everyone, even those in the back of the room.” It was all authentically her and led to hundreds of people having a great night.

The drag queen, stand-up comedian, and singer/songwriter Trixie Mattel is now currently touring the US and tickets, alongside tour dates can be found at

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