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Sprouting into Spring Cleaning

By Amanda Mowery

It’s the beginning of a new day as the sunshine peaks through the blinds and the birds are chirping outside. The house smells like a brewing pot of coffee and there’s a warm breeze when the dog is let outside. This is the perfect morning for someone to turn on some tunes and clean out any unwanted negative vibes around the house.

To start the spring cleaning process, make a checklist for each room of what needs to be done. Don’t worry about cleaning things that have been recently taken care of, focus on what needs de-cluttered and tended to. Cleaning room by room is the best way to keep track of what has already been completed on the checklist and gives more sense of accomplishment when an entire room is clean and not just parts of multiple rooms.

Since every morning is started waking up from bed, start in the bedroom. Toss any dirty fitted sheets or comforters in the washer now so it can be done by bedtime that evening. De-cluttering is the first step in cleaning any room because in the end no one wants to waste time washing or cleaning things they aren’t going to keep.

Keep in mind there are four categories that can also be used while de-cluttering any of the rooms: trash, donate, storage or put-away. Remember that others can find use in things that you no longer use. Other items may need to be put back in their spot, while some items may need to be boxed up and placed in storage for later. If you are contemplating donating an object because of sentimental value, take a picture of it so it can be remembered but doesn’t take up physical space while it isn’t being used.

After de-cluttering the bedroom closet, dresser drawers, vanity, desk and the rest of the bedroom, it is time to organize. Many people organize the tops of their dresser based on what they use on a daily basis and some people organize by seasonal items, perfumes, clothes or shoes. When a person has completed the de-clutter and organize process, then deep cleaning comes in. Be sure to vacuum carpet, wipe down vanities or dressers, clean the windows and mirrors and wash any clothes in the laundry hamper. Lighting a candle at the end of cleaning a bedroom can feel like a big accomplishment.

The bathroom is a great room to clean next. Start off by taking everything out of the bathroom closet and determine what’s worth keeping and organize it. Remember to use a broom for cobwebs, scrub in and around the toilet, wipe down the sink, refill the soap, clean the bathtub, spray down the mirror, replace the trash and mop the floor.

After the bathroom, go to the kitchen. The most important items to organize in this area are pots and pans, plastic containers and kitchen towels stuffed into multiple drawers. Organize the remaining dishes, and any dirty dishes can be piled into the dishwasher. Don’t forget to throw out any old crumby chip bags from the cabinets or outdated food in the fridge. When the cabinet is cleaned out, be sure to organize the food so all of it is easily accessible. Wipe down the stove, clean out the microwave, wipe down the countertops as well as cabinets and fridge shelves.

The living room is just as important at the other rooms, as it’s where everyone hangs out most of the time. After straightening up, vacuum the couch for pet hair, wipe down side tables, refold the couch throw blankets, vacuum or sweep the floor, use electronic wipes on the TV, and replace old family pictures with new ones.

While de-cluttering, organizing, and deep cleaning are all part of spring cleaning, so is creating a fresh head space. Allowing life to fill up with unwanted or unneeded items permits the same idea for thoughts. Spring cleaning gets rid of the old and allows for the opportunity for new growth this season.

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