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How to Make Time for Your Happiness as a College Student

By Holly Buskirk

As college students, finding personal time can be very hard to do. Stress can root from our lack of self care and love, but being too busy to watch our favorite tv show or hang out with friends can be a common struggle. People may find themselves questioning their ability to excel in school, social life and their personal life.You may ask yourself, “How do I find time for myself and still achieve the grades I desire in school?, ”How can I meet and make new friends when my time is consumed by school?,” or  “How can I keep my mental and physical self healthy when I am so stressed?”

Here are tips to help manage a healthy mental, physical, and social life while achieving favorable grades.

Explore old passions.

Growing up, I used to be into drawing, but once I grew up, I started to find myself drawing less often.

“Variety of form and brilliance of color in the object presented to patients are an actual means of recovery.” said Florence Nightingale, a founder of modern nursing. We are truly happy doing something we love, so set aside time in your week to allow you to do said passions. I draw in between classes and even though I am not that good, it still makes my whole essence feel lighter. So, find your muse: whether it may be drawing, music, or playing sports. If you don’t know your muse try out new activities! There is something for everyone in this world.

Indulge yourself with a book, movie or show.

Sometimes our own reality can get very stressful, so escaping into another world can be therapeutic, even for a short bit. Finding time to become invested in a show or book can be hard with the lack of time we give ourselves. However, you could possibly go back to school with a better mindset by finding a break between studies. This may not work for everyone, but give it a try.

Schedule your school time and personal time.

It can be hard to juggle everything when you don’t give yourself the time you need. Setting goals and scheduling time with friends, yourself and school is very important. You will not always follow the same strict outline in your life, but having a small idea of when you should work on your school, watch TV, read a book or hang out with friends can help make your life easier. It only takes five minutes to sit and plan out when you have personal time and when you should do your school or work.

Plan little trips with your friends.

Earlier this semester, there was a story about weekend trips. Sometimes a getaway is what we all need. Finding the time to take a trip can seem complicated, but if you plan it in advance and do your assignments before the trip, it will be worth it. With some good friends and a little adventure, we can go a long way in life. Not every blinking moment is supposed to be spent alone.

If the body, mind and soul are treated badly, less work and productivity will happen. All of these tips lead to, remember your own happiness. It’s hard to stay positive, but once you do, life becomes a lot easier. Worrying too much about others and their thoughts of you is unhealthy and unnecessary. Being stuck in a negative mindset like, “I have no time to do anything for myself.” or “Why do I even try anymore? Is it worth it?” really affect your mental and physical state. Keep a positive outlook on yourself and your abilities, eat healthy food instead of junk and spare self love time.

Your own well being should always be priority number one. So next time you feel stressed pick up a book, take a walk, watch a tv show or even call up a friend. Become your own muse.

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