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Warming up with winter dates

By Amanda Mowery

While it might seem like the only date idea for winter is to hide inside all season long, there are plenty of activities that will keep couples occupied and bonding all winter long, whether there is snow on the ground or not.

Outside Winter Dates

Snow might seem like another winter inconvenience, but this is really a chance to jump in and fall further in love. Sledding is an exciting activity as couples can climb to the top of a hill and race down to the bottom to see who went farther. Make snow angels, snowmen and let flurries land on each other’s tongues. An additional idea is to create snow art by using the snow as a blank canvas and filling spray bottles with food coloring. After playing in the snow, go inside and make some hot chocolate from scratch to warm up.

Bundle up and go on a hike at North Bend State Park this winter together to see some breathtaking views. Hiking is also a good source of physical activity that many put off during the cold winter months, so facing it together makes it a little more worth it and creates an opportunity for memories to be made.

Ice skating is an activity that can be done outside if it’s cold enough or can even be done inside on synthetic ice at the Parkersburg City Park Pavilion.

Winter photo shoots are great for Christmas cards or even just to have and to hold when Valentine’s Day comes around. Some local photographers include J&K Photography ( , Laura and Alicia Photography ( and Jen Miller Photography ( New couple photos calls for new picture frames, and a whole at-home date night can be made from going through old photos as well as printing and framing new ones.

Winter Dates Outside of Home

While there is nothing wrong with binge watching a new Netflix series, sometimes it’s nice to dress up a little and head to the movies. Consider possibly going out to eat at a local restaurant before catching the movie. Movies aren’t the only thing couples might be interested in, but also going to a local museum or watching a play.

Dates at Home

Cooking simple dinners can easily be turned into a date night. Homemade pizzas, breakfast for dinner or cooking dinners from other countries can spice it up. Following dinner, dessert competitions just makes the date night a little sweeter. From cooking s’mores on the fireplace or stove to having gingerbread house competitions and snacking on them afterwards turns food into fun.

Collect the pillows, blankets and chairs, build a fort in the living room and watch a movie. Blanket forts never get old especially when the aroma of popcorn fills the fort. Forts aren’t the only thing worth building, but also DIY projects on Pinterest. Building small shelves or another DIY project from Pinterest give couples the opportunity to work together as a team as well as create something new together they can both enjoy in the house.

Sometimes winter date nights need to have some creativity sparks, like painting together. If couples feel their painting skills aren’t the greatest, try attempting a paint by number together.

Writing love letters to give to each other is a creative activity, and can make someone realize how much they appreciate their significant other, even if they feel like their words didn’t come out they wanted them to.

Friendly competition is a great way to spend the night together, whether it’s playing a board game, card game or racing each other in Mario kart.

Sometimes there are just nights no one knows what to do, even if they want to do it together. Taking a night to write down date ideas on popsicle sticks and putting them in a jar can help. Color coding popsicles by expense can help budget as well as determine the next winter date they will go on. 

No matter if couples are planning on playing in the snow, going on a date or just staying cozy at home together, there is always an date activity available.

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