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Thrifting threads at local thrift stores

By Amanda Mowery

“Hey, Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping?” Thrifting has come a long way, now as people can sell, mail or buy clothes using online apps. While apps like Poshmark, thredUp and Mercari make it easier to recycle clothes in long distance situations, it’s not the same as classic local thrift shopping.

Local thrift shopping doesn’t include shipping fees, which can be cheaper than online thrifting and anyone can try on a one of a kind piece. No online thrifting apps or sellers can ensure that a piece will fit the person buying it; however, no customer can go wrong with sizing if they are able to physically try on those vintage Levi jeans.

Thrift shopping can be turned into a day-long adventure with a couple friends. Many thrift stores are piled with clothes and it can be difficult to dig through all of it alone. Bringing a couple friends along can help someone be sure they can make it through at least most of the many local thrift stores in the area.

One of the most popular secondhand clothing stores in Parkersburg, W.Va. is Plato’s Closet on Lakeview Drive. Plato’s Closet carries name brand clothing brands from American Eagle Outfitters to Michael Kors, as well as other clothes that are currently in style. Some of their tops, jackets, bottoms, skirts, jeans, dresses, rompers, jumpsuits and shoes even still have original tags on them. Their store is organized by brand, color and size so pieces can be easier to find.

Plato’s Closet isn’t the only thrift store in Parkersburg, W.Va. Down the road, before Plato’s Closet, is a little thrift store, called the Too Small Shop. The Too Small Shop carries clothes and shoes as well as homecoming, prom and wedding dresses. They have a wide variety of formal dresses in all colors and sizes with styles from jeweled two-pieces to short floral dresses at more affordable prices.

Also located in Parkersburg is The Walk in Closet Consignment Boutique. The Walk in Closet carries brand name purses and makeup downstairs, and a variety of clothes waiting to be thrifted upstairs. This little two-story building is full of unique pieces to complete a new wardrobe.

The Arc Thrift Shop is located on Dudley Ave. in Parkersburg. It is packed with antiques as well as clothes and shoes. They actively post their new items on their Facebook page so customers don’t miss a great deal. Besides the extremely affordable priced clothes and shoes, they claim that one hundred percent of their proceeds remain in the local area.

The Goodwill in Vienna can be scavenged through for vintage clothing to complete that classic 60s or 70s look. Goodwill is also packed with clothes of opportunity- clothes that can be transformed to have the look someone might be striving to achieve at an affordable price. Old band T-shirts can be cut and cropped to look just like one someone might see a mannequin wearing at the mall. There is also another Goodwill in Marietta, OH.

Across the Ohio river is Peddler’s Junction in Belpre. Peddler’s Junction has multiple vendors, some of which sell thrifted clothes, shoes and purses. Even if the items aren’t secondhand, many of the products didn’t make it on the main shelves of stores and are new but still discounted. Peddler’s Junction also includes antiques and household decor.

Headed in the opposite direction of Ohio is Pennsboro, W.Va. where the Bargain Cellar and Shannon’s Haven are located. Both of these thrift stores have clothing racks stuffed with hangers to dig through.

Exiting Pennsboro and back onto Route 50 will lead thrift shoppers to Sunmoon Apparel in Bridgeport, W.Va.. Walking through the doorway to Sunmoon Apparel, customers are welcomed by sunshine yellow walls and the friendly owners. Sunmoon is a boho-styled store filled with mom jeans, crop tops, hats and flannels. Even if the store is a trip, be sure to check out their Instagram account for inspirational style and outfits.

Thrift shopping is an affordable adventure full of surprises hanging on a metal clothing rack. The best thing about thrift shopping is that no one can predict what they might find.

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