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Why NikkieTutorials coming out is important for LGBT youth

By Gregory Sams

On Jan. 14, 2019, Nikkie De Jager, better known as “NikkieTutorials” on YouTube came out to 28 million people across the platform. In her most recent upload “I’m Coming Out.” Nikkie revealed in a heartfelt video that she is a transgender woman.

“When I was younger, I was born in the wrong body, which means that I am transgender now.”

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 11.07.05 AM

Doing so on her own terms, De Jager uploaded the video that not only changed her relationship for the best with her peers in the beauty community, but her fans. After receiving threats that her story was going to be leaked to the press, she took to YouTube to take her narrative into her own hands and reclaim her power in the situation.

I can’t believe I’m saying this today to all of you for the entire world to see. But damn, it feels good to finally do it. It is time to let go and be truly free,” De Jager says getting ready to dive into her story.

Her mother supported her the entire way. “My mother said she knew I was either gay, or something else,” she said.

With the loving support of her parents, as well as the allies she found from her peers and teachers in school she revealed that she began to grow her hair out at age six. following that, she exclusively wore girl’s clothing by the age of seven.

She revealed that due to her rapid rate of growth she began to take growth suppressors at age 14 and by the age of 19 that she had fully transitioned into the woman she is today.

But the forefront of her message that remained most important between De Jager and her viewers is offered in this statement: “But there’s one thing that I really, really want to make so clear to all of you. I am me. I am still Nikki. Nothing changes about that.” She wants her fans to know that despite this being a secret from her fans, she’s still the same woman with the same love and passion for everything makeup. Following that she explains how she hopes that her video is able to help and inspire others on their journey and mission to success.

“If you feel like you’re trapped and there’s no way out, know that it gets better. Trust me, it gets better,” she said

There is of extreme importance within this video to the lesbian, gay, bisexual but especially the trans community. NikkieTutorials built an empire for over 11 years without her identity defining over who she is, what she’s accomplished, and what she’s doing. As a self-made transgender woman who built and became the CEO of her of said empire from her dedication and love for makeup and the artistry that comes with it.

Now serving as a role model for trans youth who may be struggling to find their way, understand their feelings, or worry about how their identity could affect their career, De Jager tries to put their fear to rest. She became one of the first living examples that a trans woman can be the face of her own company, be successful, and most importantly be herself.

Priding herself on her love for everything makeup, Nikki De Jager is one of the most influential beauty influencers in the YouTube community. With 13 million subscribers already subbed to her channel on, she states how she wishes to continue to post and appreciate makeup, alongside more open and build a stronger bond with her fans throughout her career.

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