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Keeping a 2020 vision for this year

By Amanda Mowery

As America counts down the last seconds until the year 2020, people took their last sip from a glass, yelled cheers and kissed the person next to them. A new year offers opportunity for new beginnings, different lifestyles and goals to be reached. Many popular resolutions for 2020 include saving more money, working out more often, eating healthier, reducing stress, getting more sleep, growing spiritually, traveling more or learning a new skill. However, it is easier to jot down a resolution and more difficult to work towards actually completing the goal.

The first step to sticking to a new year’s resolution is making sure there is one. Sometimes resolutions are hard to come up with, but changing a lifestyle or behavior starts with making the choice to. There is room for improvement for everyone in some aspect of their life, no one is perfect.

Be realistic about a resolution because if a resolution is created too far out of reach it will be easier not to work towards it and never complete the goal. On the same note, creating a plan and taking baby steps one day at a time, the resolution will not be overwhelming to complete all at one time. Waiting until last minute at the end of the year, means more than likely the goal being worked towards won’t be done because some resolutions are impossible to complete in limited amounts of time. Outlining a plan ahead of time will also be an advantage for example if someone is trying to lose weight, it can’t be dropped in one day, plan out what days to go the gym or what to eat and slowly weight will be lost and the ultimate goal will come closer and closer.

Don’t forget to start small, a resolution like losing a certain amount of weight will take time and jumping into hardcore workouts all at once will wear out the body, it will be more beneficial to begin with a small workout and diet changes and work up from there. If the resolution isn’t happening as fast as the plan is laid out, don’t lose hope because progress is still being made and that is something to be proud of. Often times, when we aren’t improving as fast as we’d like we begin to compare to others which can cause doubt when really everyone improves at a different pace and learns along the way when they reach a fork in the road.

Staying positive and keeping self-talk uplifting is an essential aspect of any resolution and without this, the rough parts of the plan can bring someone down or even make them consider quitting. Another way to stay motivated is writing out a list of pros and cons for the resolution to remember why the goal was made and what it will help improve in life. Talk about the resolution with other people, if the goal is to work out more, talk with a friend about it and go to the gym or yoga classes together, being surrounded by those with similar goals can keep the motivation going.

Throughout the process, track the progress being made, and see where each smaller goal is falling on the outline of the big picture. Looking back on progress can only make one keep pushing harder towards the final goal. Don’t over think the process. Most importantly, good behavior and habits calls for rewards and that is okay. Sneaking in a chocolate bar during dieting is okay, writing a book and taking a break is okay, and going to the store and buying new fitness clothes for the gym is okay. From rewards to remembering everyone’s journey is different, stick to the plan and don’t stress when something isn’t going as planned and the 2020 vision will be a reality.

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