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Intramural basketball looking to score big

By Alicia Life

It’s the opening game of your team’s season. The referees blow their whistles. You shake your opponent’s hands and set yourself for jump ball. The ball is thrown up into the air, and your teammate wins the jump by sending the ball your way. You put yourself into an athletic stance, studying your surroundings. You take your   first dribble, the game has begun. 

Many college students have backgrounds in sports, but they lose the ability to play competitively when they graduate from high school. Intramural sports give students the chance to join teams, play the sports they love and be competitive while being active in their college’s community. 

The second season of  basketball is set to tip off in less than a month. 

The school’s student activity coordinator, Samantha Suggs, is excited for the season to begin. She is a strong believer that even though WVU at Parkersburg is a small school, intramurals build school spirit, creates connections and frames friendships. 

“One, they learn teamwork. Two it’s a good workout, so there is a health factor,” Suggs said when asked why she believes intramural sports is an important aspect of the college community. 

Trace Congleton, a junior majoring in business technology, agrees that intramural sports are beneficial to the mental and physical health,

“I’m really looking forward to getting back into the sport of basketball. Aside from the physical exercise of basketball, I think the sport is a great opportunity to get stronger mentally as well. I love being in a team atmosphere and building relationships with teammates through a shared goal.”

Congleton speaks highly of the Student Activities department by saying, “I believe it also gives them a different level of respect for the university, for granting them (students) the opportunity to do more than just school work.”

Students across campus are being recruited to teams, filling out registration packets, and voicing their excitement for the season to come. Many are excited to have something on campus to get their minds off the stress of class. 

Kaci Sink, a sophomore majoring in criminal justice, is ready to tie her laces up and get back onto the basketball court.

“It’s been awhile since I have played basketball and I have missed it a ton. I’m also excited to form new friendships with everyone and just have fun in general.”

Sink has played intramural soccer and basketball in previous semesters and believes that they help the students of the college enjoy their time on campus.

“It helps students look forward to having fun throughout the semester instead of just worrying about schoolwork. It gives them a chance to forget about classes and just focus on having fun.” 

Games will be held Tuesday-Thursday in the multipurpose room on campus. The times will be determined once all registration forms are turned in with the players’ availability. Games will be referred by the individuals playing, but there will be an intramural staff that will have the ability to give out technical fouls for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Teams will be given intramural shirts that they will be able to customize at the Maker Space.

Sign-ups are open to students, staff, alumni and the WVU at Parkersburg community. Participants may register as an individual or as a team. Registration packets can be found in the student lounge or attached to the January SEA Newsletter sent to students at the beginning of the semester. These packets are due Jan. 23rd to Samantha Suggs in office 1535. 

The season will begin Feb. 4th and end on Mar. 26th with a championship tournament.

Good luck to all participants.

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