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Get ready for WVUP’s Got Talent

By Alicia Life

WVU Parkersburg wants to know if you have talent, and that means  you will now have your chance to show your talent at the first annual WVUP’s Got Talent. 

The month of February will be full of students performing their to a panel of judges. Preliminaries will be held the last three Thursdays of the month: 13, 20 and 27th. There will be a winner from each preliminary that will continue on to the finale. 

Samantha Suggs, Student Activity Coordinator, believes that student life and participation in activities provided by the school  is a component that is critical in their success in the classroom.

Suggs insists, “Students who aren’t competing to please come out and vote.” 

Students who come and watch the preliminaries will get to interact with the contestants and judges.  Not only will there be three winners chosen by the judges panel, but there will also be a people’s choice selected by the students that attend each show. 

The judges panel will consist of Andrew Walker, Miranda Reed, Torie Jackson and the college’s very own Dr. Gilmer. 

Miranda Reed, WVU at Parkersburg’s Homecoming Queen, believes that the activities provided to students on campus gives them the opportunity to connect more to the campus and to each other. 

Reed is looking forward to the talent show because she believes that it is a way to get the community together. 

“WVUP is a place where family is welcome. Our events include opportunities for families to come out to support their students. We as a college are also a place where the community meets up to attend events put on by the college and other organizations in the community.”

Reed is also thrilled to see the talent provided by the students at the college. 

“I’m expecting to see our school’s singers to come out and rock the stage. I’m also hoping that we have different talents come out as well. This could be magic, humor or even dancing.”

Reed finishes with, “I hope students consider entering the contest or coming out the night of to support their fellow contestants. 

To spice the event up, there will also be a guest judge from the college community along-side the chosen panel of judges each preliminary round. There will also be a celebrity judge, David Traugh, for the finale. 

The finale is scheduled for 6:30 – 9 p.m on the 28th. The talent show will be followed by a concert provided by the local band, Division. 

The first annual WVUP’s Got Talent is set to begin Feb. 6th. Auditions will be from 10 a.m to 3 p.m and 5 p.m to 8 p.m on the 6th. To schedule a make-up appointment for Feb. 7th or 10th, contact

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