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Laser Tag at WVUP

By Audrey Erb

Coming up on the 29th of January between noon and eight will be Laser Tag going on in the Student Activities Center. Come out and support the college and also have a good time. All the students, faculty, and staff get in for free. It’s five dollars for any community members who want to join. Anything can happen during the game, and you won’t find out if you don’t make your way down to the college for a while and see what you could be missing out on. Just grab some friends to join you and make memories during this event.

There will be two courses set up in the Student Activities Center. A small course which can play up to five players a team and a larger course which can play up to 15 per team. The difficulty level ranges from low to medium during the game. Players will have three lives during game play and the most players remaining will win. Teams will get 15 minutes of game time to play. Both courses will have bunkers to use during the game. The target audience for this event is the WVUP community which includes students, faculty, alumni, friends, and family members. They are all invited to come and join as this is open to the public for a reason to come together as a community.

The Laser Gun is called “The Titan”.

  • Range: 125’
  • Built in sensor (no need to wrestle players into and out of vests)
  • 4 different weapon type options: Pistol, ShotGun, Machine Gun, & Rocket Launcher. Each with its own rate of fire and damage level.
  • Up to 4 different teams: LED lights built into each gun let you know which team the gun is assigned to: Blue, Red, Green, or White.
  • Lights, sounds, and vibration effects to keep the game fun and exciting.

With all of this information provided, we hope you have made your mind up to come and join us. Laser tag can be played by anyone, and don’t be ashamed to play if your an adult and debating whether to play or not. Come with the family, enjoy it while it lasts and have fun. The Titan is designed to be light enough for a child and big enough for an adult to hold it comfortably. The design of the gun is made for everyone, so don’t miss out on this chance to have the time of your life in fifteen minutes or more if you decide to play more games. You have to see it to believe it. Keep in reminder this game is pain-free and not like paintball in a different sense.

What to Wear for Laser Tag Tips:

  • Wear dark-colored clothing (light colors will make you stand out as an easier target)
  • Wear comfortable shoes (no sandals or flip flops, your best bet is tennis shoes or boots)
  • Dress in layers (may be cold in the arena)
  • Keep yourself hydrated (you may sweat a lot during the game)
  • Please wear deodorant or perfume (you may sweat during the game)

Laser Tag Strategies:

  • Learn the layout quickly (helps know where the good vantage points are at)
  • Walk like a crab, sideways (should give you the greatest protection)
  • If you see someone taking aim, and cannot duck, turn sideways (they have less of a chance to hit your sensors if your not facing them)

Shooting to Win Tips:

  • Rapid firing in someone’s general direction of their sensors is better than taking the time to aim perfectly.
  • If you do not want to be publicly embarrassed go after the little kids as their easier to get.
  • Lastly try to shoot your laser gun like they do in the movies and turn sideways so your face is turning to the left of right shoulder and aiming in that direction.

Lastly have fun and enjoy the quality time of a competitive game between your friends, family and teachers.

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