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Casino Night Making a Comeback at WVU Parkersburg

by Shannon O’Dell

For those who would like to visit a casino but also want their money to go towards a good cause, the upcoming Casino Night at West Virginia University at Parkersburg could fit the bill.

The Media and Communications Club, in collaboration with Kendra Amos, Dean of Enrollment Jeremy Starkey’s sister, will be hosting a Casino Night. Proceeds raised from the event will benefit the MAC Club and the Dreama Starkey Scholarship.

“Casino night used to be a big event in the past at WVU Parkersburg, so we are trying to bring it back,” said Brooke Buchanan, President of the MAC Club. “I gave my input on what games and how to run it, since my mom used to have them before she passed away,” said Kendra Amos.

Casino Night will have games, concessions, and an auction. Games will include card games such as Craps and Blackjack, Bingo and others. Items for auction and prizes will be gift cards to local restaurants, WVU Parkersburg themed gear, handmade art and more. Guests are welcome to bring along their families and children to the event.

Guests that attend the event will receive “funny money” to wager at the games. The funny money can also be used to bid for items at the auction.

The Dreama Starkey Memorial Scholarship awards high school seniors attending the early college program who have earned a 3.75 or above grade point average. The scholarship fund was created in memory of Dreama Starkey, former WVU Parkersburg Staff Council President and Program Assistant. Dreama Starkey had hosted and organized previous Casino Nights.

Tickets will be sold in advance at the business office for $10. The door entry charge during the event will be $15. The entry fee also covers the funny money to use for games and the auction. The proceeds will directly benefit the MAC Club and The Dreama Starkey Memorial Scholarship.

Casino Night will take place in the student lounge, on April 26 starting at 6:30 p.m.

Contact Olivia Reeder at for more information.


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