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Creating a Healthy Lifestyle: Student Edition

by Sarah Weeks

As a student, it is hard to find times to prepare meals in advance and find time to go to the gym. With a busy schedule full of classes and homework, squeezing in anything outside of school can be a struggle. However, doing small things everyday to improve overall health can make for amazing results.

Living by the 80/20 rule is the best way to manage eating healthy, but also giving yourself the attention and cheat days you need to maintain happiness and not stressed about nutrition. The 80/20 rule says that eating healthy 80% of the time and enjoying unhealthy food 20% of the time is a ratio that is both attainable and realistic for students and adults of all ages. This means that going out to eat with friends and enjoying dessert once in a while is a great way to reward the body with a pat on the back after eating healthy.

Another great way to increase healthy eating habits is to pack snacks to have throughout the day. This will help with increasing metabolism function, decreasing portion size and decreasing sugar cravings throughout the day. Snacks such as an apple with peanut butter, a protein bar or a banana can boost natural sugars that will increase energy and allow you to feel full longer.

Students are always looking for the next life hack to make their life better and easier, so one of the biggest life hacks to create a healthier lifestyle is to drink more water. The Mayo Clinic says that the human body is made up of around 60% in just water and on average, about eight eight ounce glasses of water is normal to keep a person hydrated. Drinking water can also help your body feel fuller longer and make you feel fuller quicker. Drinking anything with sugar, caffeine and carbonation, such as soda, energy drinks and tea, can actually dehydrate you and increase the likelihood of headaches. Drinking more water can curb hunger, keep you hydrated and create a healthier you!

With busy schedules, shuffling from class to class, then doing homework, students can have a problem finding time to exercise or to go to the gym. The Mayo Clinic says that about 30 minutes per day spent sweating and exercising can greatly increase your quality of life and overall health. Whether this means an at home workout between assignment, a jog around the neighborhood or a quick trip to the gym after classes end, it is important for students to put their health first.

Stress and overscheduling can both be very unhealthy for students, especially going into intense weeks at school or a dreaded exam. Putting nutrition and the health of their bodies first is crucial toward ensuring that they stay healthy during the school year. Setting aside a few minutes in the morning to pack healthy snack and scheduling 30 minutes every day to get your heart rate up can greatly increase the overall health of our students. Don’t forget that you only have one body and it is your job to take care of it!


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