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Venom movie exceeding expectations

by Alex Kimble

For the first time ever, the origin story of Venom is told on the big screen. Venom appeared in a blockbuster before in “Spider-Man 3” as a villain. Eddie Brock is played by Tom Hardy in a very good performance. Venom brought some hype to the superhero scene that has been missing since “Infinity War.” Everyone will leave the movie with an opinion. However, it is a very solid film that exceeded my expectations.

Eddie Brock is the hero in this film. Brock is like the normal everyday guy. He makes decisions that have consequences. Brock is a reporter who is trying to make a name for himself: to fight for the fellow man who has no voice. Brock takes down corporations that are corrupt; being like that costs him his job, his relationship and his house. The man is struggling after fighting a corporation that was testing on humans.

The corporation is the Life Foundation, which is Brock’s nemesis throughout the film. The company discovered symbiotic lifeforms on a comet and bring some back to earth. Life Foundation tests on animals and quickly starts testing on humans for pay. Symbiotes is what they call the “venom” they test on the humans. Soon after, a company worker realizes that testing on humans causes most of them to die. The worker for the Life Foundation asks for Brock’s help, which is how he contacts by venom: by sneaking into the company’s building.

I was very impressed by the way they were able to create humor out of this film. The communication between Venom and Brock really makes the movie great.

My favorite scene from the movie was Brock getting in a car chase after first making contact with Venom. Brock doesn’t act as if he is confident that he can make jumps with his motorcycle and Venom tells him, “let me take care of it.” A highlight of abilities that Venom has.

The best part about the movie is it different from any other superhero film I have ever seen before. Venom and Brock have to work together throughout the movie to succeed. The characters are never apart from each other because they are one in the same person. That is what makes the movie special.

I recommend going to see “Venom” either in theatres or when it comes out on DVD. The movie is definitely worth a chance despite some negative reviews. Records have been broken at the box office in October, despite reviews by Rotten Tomatoes. However, it is a movie where you either love it or you hate it. The film has a lot to offer as far as romance, violence and humor. Overall, “Venom” exceeded my expectations.

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