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American Sampler to take place Nov. 14

by Toni Grogg

The 30th Annual American Sampler will be held Nov. 14 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The event will take place at West Virginia University at Parkersburg in the College Activities Center.

Mary Lott, a former employee from WVU Parkersburg, was the one who started and named this event 30 years ago. Pat Mollohan, Administrative Associate of Academic Affairs, helped Lott in the past when she started the first ever American Sampler. Mollohan said that they went around town to different grocery stores to post fliers in their windows and asked anyone that would let them put them up.   

This event will host over 35 vendors with items ranging from jewelry, woodworking, crochet, Christmas ornaments and wreaths, wax melts, candles and much more. There will also be hotdogs and baked goods, donated by faculty and staff, and sold to raise money for the WVU Parkersburg Staff Council Activities Fund. The fund allows the college to perform activities throughout the year. The profits also made through the fund help pay for the Christmas lunch that is held every year for faculty and staff.

A raffle for a variety of items that will be donated by the vendors who are present. Each item, from each vendor, will be shown then names will be drawn to see who will win. You do not have to be present to win. There will be many different prizes since there will be more than 35 vendors.

Mollohan said that this year will be the biggest American Samplers that has happened in years. There will be people coming from Ravenswood, Ohio and all around.

“This event is good for the college and community both. It gets people out here and exposes them to the college and allows them to see the facility and how it is a perfect fit for those just beginning college,” Mollohan said. “This is our 30th year and the year to give back.”

She explained that instead of the vendors paying for their tables they are asked to donate items for the Humane Society from a wish list that was sent out. The Humane Society will also be attending the event, bringing along Ernie Bernie who is a local Frenchie who talks.

Join the many different vendors and explore the variety of crafts this Wednesday. Participants will helps support local vendors and the WVU Parkersburg College Activities Fund.

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