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Warm your Soul

by Samuel Abels

There’s something about new restaurants that pop up out of the blue. First and foremost, a place unfamiliar to a certain geography is finally rearing its head in a particular locality, thereby injecting a new, refreshing energy into the soil, and the general atmosphere itself. Second, if you have been dying to try something to shock your senses, or if you’ve had it before and just wish to revisit, then the arrival of said business is for sure your chance to grab at many an opportunity for personal satisfaction. This is the overall vibe generated from the establishment that is the new Starbucks in Vienna, WV.

While the outside color combinations laden with smacks of grey are none too pleasing to the eyes at first glance, the color scheme of the structure does not and should not detract from the intended experience to be had by a potential consumer of the products offered. Of course, it does not, and while there is a fair bit of a wait at certain junctures, in all fairness, this is a newer setup for a Starbucks in the area. That’s obviously inclusive of new digs, new employees, and therefore, a period of adjustment is in order. Perfectly understandable.

As such, the baristas there generate a warm, accommodating, albeit cautious air to their person upon serving their customers. The prices are fair enough for personal tastes. The options are unique, to say the very least. While the overall menu of Starbucks does present a variety of options for the wandering eye and taste buds, however, what this establishment is most prominent for is their appeal to various caffeinated drinks.

Order a Grande Freshly Brewed Coffee (this is code word for a “Medium” cup in Starbucks language), and you’re in for quite the treat, potential buyer and frequent coffee consumers. Once you take time to sit down and soak in the the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee designed purely for your enjoyment, you will perhaps feel as if you have died and gone to heaven (or limbo, not judging). The experience of that first sip, that initial first blast of comfort, is enough to make you realize that these people are indeed working to the absolute fullest to bring you what you have been in need of from the get go.

So if your regular selections have been feeling a tad drab lately, it’s definitely never too late to switch things up and give this ever-sprouting arm of corporate America a localized boost! Good enough coffee, good, friendly service, and hopefully this can only grow better with time and longevity.

Warm your soul today.

3 out of 5 stars.


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