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Laser League game lives up to expectations

by Corey Frazier

PlayStation Plus members got the privilege of playing Laser League this past month; as it was just one of many free games offered to PlayStation’s subscription service members. Laser League was developed by Roll7 and published by 505 Games. The game was released by 505 games on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows on May 10, 2018. Shortly after release development responsibility for Laser League was transferred to 505 Games. Laser League was given a perfect score on Eurogamer and a 9/10 on Steam.

Laser League is a futuristic sports’ game where players may play one-on-one games or play with teams. It is very reminiscent of other sports games of late such as: Rocket League or Disc Jam. It takes a lot of cues from Rocket League; most notably its title. Laser League doesn’t connect with any real life sports games like other games have. It is more of an elimination match with lasers. Therefore, the mechanics have a leg up on similar games. It is unlike any other game that I have played in this regard.

Players must outlast their opponents in an arena by setting up lasers that players may not cross. Teams are color coded along with the lasers that players produce. If a player crosses through a laser that is not coordinated to their color they will be eliminated. Each player also has a special ability that they may use after it charges. For example one player may have the ability to charge and tackle another player; knocking them into a laser that would eliminate them.

Along with players being able to choose classes, which come with the abilities that players may use, they are able to level up and unlock customization options. Customization options granted to players create a better environment for competition. Having a sick character model shows others that you have accomplished something in the game. Online multiplayer being available; Laser League also has leaderboards available. Players can level up, customize their character models and climb the leaderboards to become one of the greatest Laser League player.

Some could argue that Laser League is just another take on the arena sports game genre that has been popular since the inception of the PlayStation 4, but they would be at least partially wrong. It is another take on the genre, but that’s not all. It brings some mechanics to the table that are beyond anything that the others have brought. It is a groundbreaking take on the arena sports genre. The reception that Laser League has had is better than one would have expected, because at first glance the game is nothing special. However, once you dive into this title, you’ll be hooked.  

Laser League is an amazingly futuristic sports game that offers an amazing level of competition and is jam packed with fun. Whether playing with some friends at home, or with a team online Laser League will not disappoint. Laser League is sure to grip your interest and not let go. I urge you to give Laser League a shot; you won’t be disappointed.


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