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Walking Into a New Position

by Tyler Hilbert

Jeff Holland is a familiar and friendly face most everyone knows. Many would say that “you hear him before you see him.”  When you walk down the hallways of WVU Parkersburg you may see him smiling or laughing armed with a cup of coffee to take on the day. Jeff is the Associate Professor of Business and most recently the new Division Chairperson for Business, Accounting and Public Service. He has held this title before, and is pleased to have it again.

“I was here before several years ago, I went back to faculty for the students and engagement I had with them.  This time, administration changes led me back here.”

Jeff attended WVU Parkersburg for two years and transferred to West Virginia University.  He has an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) as well as a masters in Organizational Communication.  He also grew up in the area and attended Parkersburg High School, where his daughter also goes to school currently. “My inspiration is just helping students and to make their time here better,” said Jeff.

“The main goals of the division are; uniform expectations for students, improve quality of learning, and create a marketing plan for the division.”

“This position gives me an opportunity to help students. That’s what it’s about for me is the students and making things easier for them.” Jeff said.

What are you most excited about being chairperson again? I think it’s just the energy. New students and new people are coming in.  People are enjoying themselves again and we have new administration working with our new students,” Jeff said.

WVU Parkersburg’s new division chair for Business, Jeff Holland is dedicated to helping students here succeed.  He’s interested in making enhancements to the Division of Business Administration and Public Service so that it can provide the best service to students. Anyone interested in business should speak to Jeff about advancing their career. We give our congratulations to Jeff Holland as new division chairman.

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