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WVU Parkersburg launches new Learn and Earn program

by Ryan McCoy

Many of us have wished that we could earn some money and gain valuable job experience while still pursuing our education. Well for computer science majors that opportunity now exists.  

The Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) division introduced a new Learn and Earn program this semester. This is the STEM division’s third Learn and Earn program.  Students will be able to work all year. During the spring and fall semesters, the work is part time so that students can continue to pursue their degree. WVU Parkersburg will hire two students as a result of the program.  One will work in the Registrar office, the other will work with the Dean of Enrollment Management and Student Success.

The student in the Registrar office will perform tasks that assist with coding information for DegreeWorks.  This student will also design databases for retrieving student information. The other student will help develop software that will aid faculty in accessing program information.  These tasks will provide the students with great field experience. The students will make $10 an hour.

Funding for the program comes from a grant through the West Virginia Community and Technical College System.  The grant will provide half of the student’s wages during their training. The grant will last for two years and the division plans to reapply for the grant when it expires.  

The STEM division chose to add more Learn and Earns and decided on the computer science program with the goal of expanding the access to and the use of institutional data.

Currently, there are no outside businesses involved, but any participation would be welcomed.  Particularly companies who are looking for programming support, database management and web and app design.  The STEM division hopes to be in contact with companies who are interested in the program by the time they reapply for the grant.


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