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Vietnam Memorial Wall Traveling to Parkersburg

by Alex Kimble

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t miss your chance to honor our fallen heroes at Parkersburg’s City Park on Sept. 26-28. This event is presented by Special Veteran’s Project. The Special Veteran’s Project includes several Mid-Ohio Valley veteran groups in the area such as the Mid-Ohio Valley Platoon of the Marine Corps, Veterans Association of Ohio and West Virginia, the Marine Corps League, the American Legion and more.

The Special Veterans Project raised over $10,000 to bring the Memorial Wall back to the
Mid-Ohio Valley area. The Chairman of the group Bill Shepherd said, “Everyone needs to come out and see the Vietnam Wall. I served with many friends who are on that wall and it’s important to me that it is coming here. That is why it’s coming to the Mid-Ohio Valley.”

This monument is 360 feet long and has over 85,000 names on it. The traveling wall is an 80 percent replica of the same wall in Washington D.C. Construction of the wall will take place on Sept. 26. It will arrive at City Park and be erected down the first base line next to the baseball field. Opening ceremony will take place on Sept. 27 and it will remain open while the Memorial Wall is at the park.

Organizers of this event are looking for volunteers to help construct and destruct the monument, security and much more. Contact Bill Shepherd at (304) 480-1067 if you are interested in helping make this event possible.

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