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NFL is Kicking-Off

by Alex Kimble

The NFL football season is finally back on NBC tonight. The defending Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, are at home facing the Atlanta Falcons on NBC at 8:20 eastern time. After a long offseason of big money contracts, draft picks and drama, NFL fans finally get to see teams compete in games that matter. Everyone is excited to see their favorite team play. To help prepare you for the great weekend, here is a list of games to watch during NFL’s first weekend:

  1. The Jaguars head to New York to battle the Giants. Cornerback Jalen Ramsey has been making headlines this offseason by telling the media who he thinks is great and mediocre.He mentioned was his opponent Eli Manning, star Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Giants. “It’s Odell Beckham who makes Eli look good on the football field. Eli isn’t that great,” Jalen Ramsey said. Eli responded “Who?” when asked about Jalen’s comments. Trash talking is making the competitive environment more interesting.


  1. The Los Angeles Rams travel to Oakland on Monday Night against the Raiders. Oakland finally has the coach they want in Jon Gruden. This will be Jon Gruden’s first head coaching job in ten years as he leaves his announcing position on Monday Night Football for a ten year $100 million dollar contract. The Rams on the other hand made a bunch of big free agent moves this offseason that has media speculating a Super Bowl championship. Los Angeles has a young team that added some veteran additions that the Rams believe will get them to the big game. The Rams got a shot on the national stage of Monday Night Football to spoil Gruden’s return to the sideline.


  1. It’s all about expectations when the San Francisco 49ers battle the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis. Quarterback Kirk Cousins signed with the Minnesota Vikings this offseason for a fully guaranteed contract 1 p.m. Sept. 9 $84 million dollars. Minnesota believes Cousins can lead the team to the Super Bowl. Vikings were just one win away, so anything less will be seen as a disappointment. Jimmy G didn’t disappoint leading the 49ers to victories in every single start. Expectations are high for both sides, but only one will be leaving with a victory Sunday.


  1. The Houston Texans go on the road to Foxboro to face the New England Patriots Sept. 9th at 1 p.m. eastern time.. Houston has their star players back in with JJ Watt and Deshaun Watson. Quarterback Deshaun Watson showed promise last season before getting injured in a nail biting loss to the Patriots last season. Questions surrounding the locker room and Bill Belichick have been the talk of the offseason. Will the Patriots be haunted by the benching of Super Bowl hero Malcom Butler and their Super Bowl loss last year? Football fans love upsets, this could be one to watch.


  1. The Atlanta Falcons visit Super Bowl Champions Philadelphia Eagles Sept. 6 8:20 p.m. The city of Philadelphia finally got to celebrate a Super Bowl after years of patience. Now, they are still back in the same position as week one without their starting quarterback Carson Wentz. Nick Foles must bring that same magic he had last season for the Eagles to be able to have a chance of competing in the playoffs. This will be a great test for the Falcons as they to go on the road and challenge the Super Bowl champions opening night. This is a statement game for both football teams.

NFL fans have five exciting games to look forward to during this week of NFL action. We’ve got trash talking, Super Bowl contenders and big money contract players in all the games. Whether it is our favorite team or biggest rival, this weekend will be enjoyed by football fans across the globe. Thursday, in primetime on NBC, the Atlanta Falcons travel to the Philadelphia Eagles to kickoff the NFL’s regular season.

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