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Learn to Cook Pizza On the Grill

by James Dobbs

A fun and tasty way to cook pizza is on the grill. You can use a charcoal or propane grill; it does not matter either way.


  • 1 package of pizza dough
  • Olive oil
  • Toppings of your choice

Step 1: Get your pizza dough ready, it can either be homemade or store bought.

Step 2: Make sure your grill is set on high heat to cook the pizza. It is a fast process so pay attention.

Step 3: Once the pizza dough is ready, use olive oil to coat a pizza pan. The olive oil helps the dough slip off of the pan and not get stuck to it.

Step 4: Slide the dough onto the grill, it should take one to two minutes to get the dough to rise. Once it is ready, it will let up and pop up from the grill. Flip the dough and repeat to cook the other side.

Step 5: Once your dough has been cooked on both sides, either take the dough off and add the toppings off of the grill, or add them while the dough is still on. Choose any toppings you would like. Make sure to pick the least cooked side for the top.

Step 6: Once your toppings are on and the pizza is back to cooking on the grill, close the lid to cook the toppings and to help any cheese melt. This should only take a couple of minutes so after three minutes continually check the pizza so it does not overcook.

Step 7: Take your pizza off of the grill and enjoy. It will taste almost as if it came from an Italian pizza place with a brick oven.

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