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Four Anticipated Music Releases in 2018

by Lane Hughes

As we are treading through 2018, new music has consistently been added into the media world from all genres alike. The cycle of album releases is coming full circle as several artists are planning to release new music within the remainder of the year. Here’s a list of artists planning to release, what we expect and hope, to be fantastic additions to the 2018 collection of music.


It almost seems that it has become an internet meme at this point when one considers the hopeful return of prog-metal legends, Tool. They have informed fans of writing progression for the past several years, and here we are in 2018 still waiting. However, after long periods of punctual writing and patience, the band entered a major studio in March and have officially begun the production process, based on an announcement post on the bands’ website. Joe Barresi, who produced the bands’ last album nearly 12 years ago, is returning to engineer their new 2018 full length.

My Bloody Valentine

In 2017, Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine spoke in an interview with Pitchfork about the release of new music and said there is a “one hundred percent” chance of a new album in 2018. The shoegazing dreampop band’s last album “M B V” was released in 2013 and following their expected 2018 release they intend on touring this summer.


Deafheaven has been at work with new material for the year. The metal band released photos across their social media platforms of them recording music in the studio with the caption, “2018.” Additionally, the bands’ representatives have confirmed with Pitchfork that they are currently working on a new album at a studio  in Oakland, CA. They’re “expecting” to release the album later this year and it will be a follow up to their last full length, New Bermuda from 2015.

Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt, a rapper from the hip-hop collective Odd Future, plans to release new music in 2018, according to his tweet that read: “new chunes 2018, don’t think i wasn’t at work”. His last release,  I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside from 2015 was initially supposed to be a surprise release, but his plans were soiled when the record label announced the album as available for pre-order. We can assume that Sweatshirt will continue to be cautious in what can be engulfed by the public as we await his 2018 release.

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