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WVU Parkersburg to Announce Alumni of the Year Award

by Kaitlyn Thompson

WVU Parkersburg is an institution that appreciates and acknowledges those with successful academic achievements and outstanding careers. Since 2014, WVU Parkersburg recognizes one alumnus to receive the Alumni of the Year Award.

This alumnus is chosen for their astounding career, academic achievements or notable contributions to the community, state or their profession. Nominations are open to the campus community, and are then reviewed for recommendation to the college president. The college president then decides who the designated alumnus is, and the winner is revealed at the May commencement ceremony.

To be nominated, the alumni must have completed at least one, three-credit hour course from WVU Parkersburg or the former Parkersburg Community College.

Senta Goudy, WVU at Parkersburg Foundation Office Executive Director, works with the college’s president’s office to facilitate the process. Goudy finds this award to be particularly important, because it truly represents students and how they strive to become successful after graduating.

“As an alumna, when I see all the nominations and winners I stand proud and a little prouder of WVU-P. Our students and their successes are incredible,” Goudy said.

The purpose of the award is not only to celebrate the students and all they have done to become successful, but it allows the college to commemorate the accomplishments of its many scholars.

“It demonstrates how successful our students and the impact they have in the Mid-Ohio Valley and in the country,” Goudy said.

In the last four years, the winners were men and women who were successful in their studies, and who continue to thrive in their respective fields. The past recipients are: business owner John Roberts; CPA and business owner Cam Matheny; nurse practitioner  Dr. Cynthia Smith and educator Darlene Murphy.

John Roberts, the first alumnus to be awarded, graduated from WVU Parkersburg in 2000. Now, he is the owner and Vice President of Ranson Inspection Services, the part-owner of Specialty Piping and owner of Constructive Consulting and Resources. 

“My education and technical training gave me the competitive edge and better enabled me to start my career,” Roberts said. “You can do anything you set your mind to, and there is always a way to overcome any obstacle.”

This year, there are 15 nominations, but the winner has yet to be announced. On Saturday, May 5, the winner will be revealed to the graduates and all attendees at the spring 2018 commencement ceremony. After the winner is revealed, the chosen alumna or alumnus is asked to be an ambassador for WVU Parkersburg and, when possible, participate in activities at the college.

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