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Summer Palette: Melt in Your Mouth Pulled Pork

by James Dobbs

Step 1: Buy a pork shoulder or pork butt at the store. You will want to get one with a bone in it to help give the pulled pork more flavor. It will normally be a shoulder blade, so by the end of the process it should be extremely easy to find and extract.


Step 2: Put the pork shoulder ln a roast pan and let any juice from the package spill into the pan.

pork2.jpgStep 3: Score the pork by carving a hashtag, or cut slices in one direction and cross them on the top of the pork shoulder. Leave the bottom alone.

Step 4: Combine spices of your choice in a bowl to create a spice rub. Once in the bowl stir until combined.


Step 5: Take the spice rub and rub half of It on the top of the pork shoulder and inside of the score marks. Then flip It over and rub It on the bottom half. Make sure you get the rub inside every nook and cranny. Flip It back over and dump any leftover rub into the pan.

pork 6.jpg

Step 6: Pour water into the bottom of the pan to help cook the pork shoulder and to keep it from drying out. It could be anything from coke-a-cola to beef broth. Make sure it doesn’t completely cover the pork shoulder, you only need something to cover the bottom of the pan. You can fill it up halfway.


pork 7.jpg

Step 7: Cover the pan in aluminum foil. Set the oven to 225 degrees. Cook for six hours flipping it every two hours. After the six hours is up, take off the foil and cook it for three more hours.

Step 8: Pull the finished product out of the oven. It should start to come apart in pan. Pull the rest apart and you should be left with pulled pork.

pork 8.jpg

Step 9: Serve and enjoy.

If everything was done correctly, delicious, melt in your mouth pulled pork will be what is left.

If you feel like you need something to help cut through the fat of the pulled pork, try to add some coleslaw. Check out my mayonnaise alternative to coleslaw, and look for my fresh coleslaw recipe. Also, quench your thirst with my homemade lemonade recipe. It is simple yet delightful and refreshing.

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