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Live Drive with Ky and Ty

by Brooke Buchanan

Live Drive with Ky and Ty airs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9a.m. until 10a.m. on WPKM 96.3 the Beet.

Kyleigh Hawes and Tyler Bennett, the show’s hosts, cover a wide variety of topics including: AP Oddities, campus news and entertainment. In addition to covering information, the two play a wide variety of music.

“I usually play alternative rock sounding music,” Bennet said. “I normally just go onto Spotify and look at the new releases from unnamed artists.”

On Thursdays, Hawes plays a variety of early 2000s music for “Throwback Thursday.”

The choice for Bennett and Hawes to do a show together was random. “I yelled across the room one day, ‘Hey, if anyone wants to do a radio show, I’d be interested,’ and Bennett came up and said, ‘Want to do a radio show?,’” Hawes said. “It was convenient, but now it’s just fun.”

Rather than pre-recording, Live Drive with Ky and Ty is aired live. “Doing it live was kind of scary at first,” Bennett said.

However, the two agreed that they prefer going live rather than recording. “When you’re recording, you don’t care as much because you can go back and fix things. But, when you’re live, you really have to think about things you’re going to say and things you’re going to play,” Hawes said.

“I like it because from nine to 10, this is our space. I like the idea of recorded shows, but I just hate it how you have to sign-up and record at ridiculous hours,” Bennett said.

In the future, Hawes wants to be a radio show host, while Bennett wants to be more of a technical guy. “It would be cool if I could do this [being a radio show host] as a living, but I want to be the dude that does the behind the scenes work and occasionally checks in,” Bennett said.

“I hope they have as much fun listening as we do sitting here talking about the things that are important to us,” Hawes said.

In addition to enjoyment, listeners can gather information and campus news from The Live Drive with Ky and Ty. “We’re trying to get people interested in the radio station, so they can listen to the other wonderful programs we have,” Bennett said.

The two gave advice to those interested in starting a show, but may be nervous.

“Do it with someone you’re friends with or have the same interests with. Talk just like you’re talking to somebody, just like you’re having a conversation,” Bennett said.

“People who start radio shows are going to hear ‘I heard you on the radio.’ It’s an awesome feeling and it’s rewarding. Just do it. Jump right in; don’t hesitate,” Hawes said.

Make sure to listen to Live Drive with Ky and Ty Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9a.m. until 10a.m. on WPKM 96.3 the Beet.

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