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The Logical Choice

by James Dobbs

Rapper Logic received his second No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 charts. Ten out of Logic’s 12 songs from this album charted on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Only 15 artists have been able to pull off having at least 10 songs charted on the Hot 100 list at once.

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, AKA Logic, released “Bobby Tarantino II” on March 9, 2018. If you are wondering who Bobby Tarantino is, it is an alter ego of Logic. It is an alter ego in the similar fashion of Slim Shady to Marshall Mathers (Eminem). Bobby Tarantino differs from Logic based on their rap styles. Bobby Tarantino is faster and has a more trap feel to the music, whereas Logic is a little slower and raps and sings on slower tracks. Some people will argue that Logic has a more album feel to his music, whereas Bobby Tarantino has a mix tape vibe.  

Logic is better known for his first hit single, “1-800-273-8255,” released April 28, 2017. This was released right before his last album, “Everybody,” which dropped on May 5, 2017. “1-800-273-8255,” is a song reflecting the feelings of depression and thoughts of suicide, featuring Alessia Cara and Khalid. The name of the song is actually the number for the suicide prevention hotline. This was a smart marketing ploy by Logic to help get the number of the suicide prevention hotline out to those who suffer from depression, thoughts of suicide and need someone with whom to talk.

A fun fact about Logic, is that an animated version of him has appeared on the animated, science fiction, Adult Swim television show, “Rick and Morty.” He appeared on season three, episode four, “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender.” He had a brief appearance, rapping at the end of the episode, during the party scene. The outfit he is wearing resembles his outfit in the cover for his album, “The Incredible True Story,which released November 13, 2015. It also feels like he is wearing the same outfit on the cover art for, “Bobby Tarantino,” released July 1, 2016. It looks like the jump suit is unzipped and tied around his waist. It does not look like there is any connection to the jumpsuit in the cover art for “Bobby Tarantino II.”

The jumpsuit might not make an appearance in “Bobby Tarantino II,” but Rick and Morty both make a vocal appearance in the album. If you are not familiar with the animated television show, “Rick and Morty” is about a grandson and his grandpa going on crazy adventures through space and intergalactic dimensions. Track one, “Grandpa’s Space Ship,” is a comical, two-minute prelude skit. It is Rick and Morty riding in their space ship, talking about Logic and his music. It seems like Logic is either friends with the co-creator and voices of “Rick and Morty,” Justin Roiland, or that they possibly made a deal when Logic rapped on the show.

Track two, “Overnight,” is ranked No. 68 on Billboard’s Hot 100. This song has an 8-bit, retro video game vibe to it. “Overnight” is about how people hate on Logic for his fame and how it feels like his career happened overnight.

Track three, “Contra,” is ranked No. 60 on Billboard’s Hot 100. “Contra” explains that since Logic has been famous and has been “blowing up,” people who have not always been there for him have started coming around because of his fame and success.

Track four, “BoomTrap Protocol,” is ranked No. 97 on Billboard’s Hot 100. “Boomtrap Protocol” is about Logic’s work as a rapper. He explains that he raps to help express his emotions, and that he does it so much that he is a workaholic.

Track five, “Yuck,” is ranked No. 87 on Billboard’s Hot 100. “Yuck” expresses how Logic will not respond to other rappers or people who talk smack or say ugly things about him. It also explains that Bobby Tarantino has no problem telling the facts of how these other rappers or people are wrong. Elton John has a cameo at the end of this song, leaving a voicemail for Logic.

Track six which features Wiz Khalifa, “Indica Badu,” ranked No. 56 on Billboard’s Hot 100. If you are a fan of Wiz Khalifa you probably know his iconic laugh in almost every song, he makes and is featured in. At the end of this song Logic remarks, “How Wiz gonna give me the verse if he ain’t gonna give me the laugh?” This song is about how Logic is heavily supplied.

Track seven, “Midnight,” is ranked No. 74 on Billboard’s Hot 100. This is one of the most interesting songs on the album. Half way throughout the song, the beat changes and Logic’s flow changes, and It almost feels like two completely different songs. It feels like Logic is part one and Bobby Tarantino is part two. As a whole, the song expresses that Logic does not normally like to go clubbing to celebrate. He would rather celebrate his success in music with his friends.

Track eight which features Young Sinatra, “Warm It Up,” ranked No. 98 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Young Sinatra is another alter ego of Logic. This song explains that Bobby Tarantino is doing trap music on his album instead of regular rap.

Track nine, “Wizard Of Oz,” did not rank in the top 100. The beat of this song is heavy but flows incredibly well. This song expresses that Logic thinks he is one of the best rappers alive. It also explains that he believes his music is as powerful as the Wizard of Oz. Logic states that he runs his city with this power.

Track 10 which features 2 Chainz, “State Of Emergency,” also did not rank in the top 100. This is another great song by Logic. 2 Chainz has an incredible verse in this song. The meaning behind this song is that Logic is “sounding the alarm” and letting people know that money does not mean anything without self-respect.

Track 11 which features Big Sean, “Wassup,” ranked No. 83 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Logic raps about how he came from nothing and is now making millions. He also raps about keeping the fake people out of his life.

Track 12, “Everyday” by Logic and Marshmello, ranked No. 29 on Billboard’s Hot 100. This is the best song on Bobby Tarantino II. It is an extremely upbeat song that flows through your body and makes you want to dance. This song expresses that Logic works hard every single day and deserves his time in the spot light because of all of his hard work.  

Track 13, “44 more,” ranked No. 46 on Billboard’s Hot 100. This song is a callback to a song named “44 bars” on the original “Bobby Tarantino” album. Logic originally spit 44 bars and now he’s back to spit 44 more.

Logic’s album is real and relatable. Listen to it to hear his struggle and to hear his come up. This album is more than just rap music, it has soul. Listen to Logic’s story throughout the album as he paints pictures of what he has gone through. This album is a nine out of ten. “Bobby Tarantino II,” is filled with well thought out verses and songs that one can relate to. If anything, give “Everyday” a listen right now and realize that as long as you work hard enough you will have your day.


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