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Crafty Easter Peep Cake

by Toni Grogg


  • 1 box of Confetti white cake mix, with ingredients that the mix requires
  • 1 jar of white or green icing
  • 1 can of green decorating icing
  • A handful of mini Robin Eggs, M&M Eggs, or Reece Eggs for decoration (I chose to use mini Robin Eggs, but you can decorate any way you like.)
  • 3 packages of different colored, Bunny shaped Peeps
  • Green food coloring (if you got white icing instead of green)


1.) Prepare cake as box says, bake, then let cool.

  • When baking the cake, make it round or square.
  • You can either cool the cake still in the pan or take it out.
  • Cool the cake on a cooling rack if you take it out of the pan until it no longer feels warm, about 30 minutes. (I did not have a cooling rack so I just layed it on a cookie sheet in a cool area.)

 2.) After the cake has cooled it is time to ice it. Begin with dying your icing green if it       is not already. Ice an even layer all around the cake, then use a fork or spatula to create   the wavy look above.  

3.) After the icing is done start placing the Peeps around the cake. Use leftover icing to glue them to the edges by placing a little on the back.

4.) Then when placing the Peeps is done, begin making the grassy effect with the decorative can of icing. When doing this you want to lift your hand up and down slightly while going up and down the cake. This will create the grassy look above.  

5.) Finally, you want to decorate the top as you wish. (I chose to use mini Robin Eggs, but you can use anything to create the look you want.)

This is a fun, creative twist on an Easter cake that your family and friends will love. Enjoy making it with your children, significant other, or friends for a creative night of baking and bonding.

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