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WVU Parkersburg Faculty Spotlight: Pam Braden

by Toni Grogg

Being a big part of WVU Parkersburg for many years, Pam Braden has had a lot of successful fun.

Braden, a business professor at WVU Parkersburg, has been part of the college for around 38 years. She stated that she loved the college because everyone cares about each other.

“We’re a family.” Braden said. “Everybody cares about the students, and the students want to learn.”

Braden pointed out that WVU Parkersburg is a good place for not just those straight out of high school, but also those who are looking for a second or third chance at furthering their education. Braden said that she enjoys teaching at WVU Parkersburg, and that one of her biggest accomplishments at WVU Parkersburg was when the business program was accredited. It was a proud moment for Braden, due to her being the one in charge.

Braden stated that she loves her job and is a workaholic, but does enjoy other activities when she gets the chance. Some of her interests include going to the movies, knitting, and traveling, although she does not get to do it much of it.

When asked about her goals and aspirations, Braden said, “My goals are to keep going and still have fun. I think if you are not having fun then you are not doing it right.”

Braden stated that she hopes students realize how good they have it at WVU Parkersburg and value that. She also went on to say how she is proud of the institution and how it has grown over the years.

Starting at WVU Parkersburg at age 23, Braden still loves her job and every minute she spends at the college.

“I just really like being here,” she said.

Retirement is a thought that Braden has had, but she does not know when it will happen.

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